the monster hill I train on :) 400 stud pic inside

Here is the beast :slight_smile: My wife is in the background and my two dogs. :slight_smile:

GREAT for training on!!



heheh :slight_smile: I told you the hill was a beast :smiley:

The pic is deceptive. The shallow part is uphill but the end part is quite steep. Also there is about another 90 meters behind me that turns fairly flat :cool:

You don’t know how bad I want to do sprints up that bad-boy right now. My mouth is watering looking at it.

good one, thanks for the pic

I know what you mean 400m.

I am hoping training on this hill twice a week for GPP will get me a pretty good base fitness/strength wise for a great 200 this year.

I am extending out the distance every week.

Started at around 250. (reps are: 250, 250, 225, 200, 150)

Hoping to get it around 350 meters by the end of Sept. (End of GPP) (350-300-250-200, 150)

I am planning on doing this hill workout twice a week then scaling back to hills once a week in SPP (going to include a accel/speed/plyo session in SPP)

I bet you understand now what I was saying before about having to lie down on after the last rep until I could get enough strength in my legs to walk hehehe :slight_smile: