the kinesthetic sense in sprinting

I am a huge fan of Charlie and have a number of his books/DVD.
This summer I am training with an ex-Major League Baseball Player, and as a major part of the game, we are continuing to expand my speed abilities.
Through a lot of talk and his knowledge of developing one’s abilities to move as an athlete, Steve doesn’t particularly find a lot of the things that I have done in training, an ex-NFL player’s “program” to be that helpful in me developing my abilities. I spent 8 months with the NFL player, and my times improved 3 tenths in the first two months, but over the next 6, improved very little. He put me through a lot of speed endurance, something similar to GPP, and had me pull sleds, along with very, very, much lifting to improve my speed. This is thousands of hours of work. I did not improve that much.
We have discussed the fact that I can go to any trainer, any person to improve, but I need to run on my own and explore my “kinesthetic sense,” as he describes it, to be able to flow more, run less rigid, relax my shoulders, etc.

My point is that if we always are being watched and are always on someone’s so-called “program,” we rely on others too much. This may be true, or may not, and I would like help, but I have started to explore this and find myself looking much smoother and faster running this way. And yes, I “know” what good form looks like, I can’t truly feel it. I’m working on it.

Replies would be great.

scarter,you will improve your form with drills and track you said you know what to do so do know what correct form looks like so apply it to your sprinting.people will tell you differently on how relaxed sprinting feels like but its highly personal.just run,keep thoughts simple and relax

if you’re hitting the form and staying relaxed, you will feel it…