the ICA training method

Training method quick overview

In short:
It says some basic stuff we all know, but the interesting part is about jumping immediately after a strength workout. Ive only seen smth similar before once, thats in defrancos training, where you have to do a sports-specific exercise at the end of your workout.

This makes perfect sense i think. Personnaly, i gained a lot from some bw exercises. And i always had practice the day after my workout. That day i always jumped like crap, but in the end my vert got higher, way more then its growing now unfortunately… Now i only have 1 practice a week, and thats 4 days after my leg day…

What they say in the audio :
I = intensification (in short : weight training, focus on weaknesses, … basic stuff)
C = capacitation (= rest and recovery)
A = adaptation (jump right after your workout)

Thoughts on this and how it can specifically relate to a goal of jumping higher or sprinting fast, basically would throwing in a few sets of jumps after a weight session positively contribute to your goal like the article makes it seem?

Did you just ask james smith about this training system?

ICA huh? If you do enough jumping after your weights, you may need some ICE.

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I know but i think it means under 8 reps or so, any other opionions?