The Hatch System

Had to do this… This had me laughing on the floor!

3/18/2004 - Mark M

#62 & Coach X: Check this link out. Can you believe having your star quarterback doing this?

Long live the dark side


This is definitely a DUMBASS ALERT maybe a DUMBASS AWARD!

Just tell me - Why?,

Looking at the record of DB’s in squat. I could have easily made it top 5. I did 405 for 6 reps easy at 174 lbs. Hmm…

Interesting that they’ve had two(!) linemen SQ 600, ever. Bet they have good balance though! :rolleyes:

Did they learn all this stuff from Coach Davies??? :rolleyes:

Look at the Tennis records. Absolutely atrocious. I squatted more the first time I touched a barbell.

Squatting 325 first time ever is not normal. I agree that pretty much all lineman should be squatting 500, but the rest of the numbers don’t look that bad to me.

Here’s VaTech’s records:

To be fair, and comparing the squat numbers to their other lifts my guess is that their squats, unlike MANY other programs, are legitimately parallel or below. On the site there is a claim that Harrington is NOT doing that moronic tightrope lift in the UO weightroom. Radcliffe has a pretty solid reputation. More often than not, squat numbers are highly inflated and not close at all to parallel I’d guess that theirs’ are deep.

Haha. I think I could probably do their back squat record for track now too.

There are pictures on the site showing how deep they go. Not full squats, but pretty fair for parallel. Definitely better than the quarter squats that other programs claim. The records are still pretty low for major DI lineman.

I still think the entire difference is in the depth. Most d1 programs I have seen squat very high and call them full or parallel hence the higher numbers. If you look at their other lifts(UO) they look okay and then suddenly the squats don’t look up to par but I think it becomes comparing apples to oranges-at least the ones I’ve seen personally and heard about. The overly inflated squat numbers at those schools make UO’s numbers look poor.

Another on elitefts:

A very reliable source has informed us that at the University of Mississippi the BIG skill guys (OL/DL) perform dips and split jerks with chains and bands!

I still think the worst alert ever is what I heard happened at Arizona. An ASSISTED hang clean rep. Forced reps on cleans…can’t get dumber than that.

I don’t know why lineman are doing oly lifts w/ band or chains, but what’s so bad about dips? I guess the cost/benefit of them since they can create rotator cuff problems, but are good for relative strength.

It’s been a number of years but under Williams Hicks, NC State used to do cleans on a CLEAN MACHINE. What in the hell is a clean machine, a buffer, a shop vac? Stroud is strength coach now so he can’t be blamed, as far as I know, for that bit of genius.

They just take some concepts and stretch them too far. Much like using a kettlebell for deadlifts. Linemen are generally big guys and football players, incase you don’t know, often have a load of injuries or are at risk for them. Doing dips when you’re 300 pounds is insanity, especially when the bench press is “more specific”.

Agree. Probably be better off doing CG bench. Still think a lineman should be able to do a few pullups or he’s carrying too much bodyfat.

Does any one out there have the hatch system or Moffitt LSU system? I like to look at it frm a year long standing point, from start to finish?

dell dell asked me the same question, and I am looking for the manual one of my athletes gave me. I’ll let you know when I find it.

why is there such a big infatuation with these programs? look at the athletes. how about the website you are on?

what about high pulls with chains I’ve thought about doing these since reading
to help with force production
(I’m not an olympic weightlifter therefore I don’t care about ruining the classic lifts)

I used to be more interested in how they trained because I wanted to train like them. Now I just like seeing what they do to get new ideas and out of curiosity. As Clemson said, most of the programs are just high volume with a couple of olympic lifts and bodybuilding.

I already put up a Hatch program in this thread. Read through the whole thing.

I’ve read about people doing pulls with both bands and chains to improve involvement of the hips, but jerks w/ bands sounds dumb.


What are you doing? I agree…show me a program that is producing people instead of working with talent.