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This is sort of vague, but I had copied this awhile ago and just noticed who it’s from…

Balance Your Strength Program

Milton Williams

The purpose of this article is to show how the Olympic lifts (snatch, clean, and jerk) can be incorporated into a well-balanced strength program. I really think the issue of whether a person should do power lifts or Olympic lifts should be a dead issue. I think most coaches now recognize the value and interdependence of both styles of lifts. The marriage of the two brings the best of two worlds together, along with tremendous results for the athlete.

When I first arrived in Baton Rouge, I immediately looked up Gayle Hatch, a noted Olympic lifting coach, to help me with my personal training. I had been incorporating the snatch and clan & jerk into my program to help me with my shot putting, and I felt that his guidance would help me with those two lifts. What I gained was a philosophy of strength training that has proven invaluable. Perhaps some of you might be wondering what I saw that sold me on the program that I’m going to outline for you. Gayle Hatch’s weightlifting team has won the Jr. Olympic National Title for more that four years in a row. He has produced two Olympians in four years, and numerous National champs and World Master champs. For those of you who are interested in some of the lifters personal bests, look at the following:

Tommy Calandro – 1984 Olympic tea member in the 198 lb. Class
Power Clean – 408
Power Snatch – 308 X 2
Front Squat – 525: 475 X 8
Bench Press – 400

Brett Brian – 1988 Olympic team member in the 198 lb. Class
Power Clean – 400
Power Snatch – 303
Front Squat – 460
Bench Press – 405

Brandon Baker – Age 16 Ht., 5’9", Wt. 175
Clean & Jerk 358
Front Squat – 396 X 5
Bench Press – 350
Vertical Jump – 30’

Note that all of these athletes are not just specialist in Olympic lifts, but possess tremendous total body strength, Calandro and Brian also have vertical jumps of 37-38 inches.

Let me now detail the program that produced these lifts. I should first explain that this program is for an advanced high school athlete. This load would have to be built up to for a period of 3 – 5 years. Coach Hatch also believes in all athletes doing the complete squat snatch and squat clean, regardless of the sport. This seems to be the trend of many teams today, both in the professional and collegiate ranks.


Power Snatch
Jerk Behind Neck
Snatch Pull
Overhead squats

Tuesday (Heavy Day)

Front Squat
Back Squat
Bench Press/Incline
Power Shrug (Clean Grip)
Lat Pull


Clean & Jerk
Power Jerk
Power Clean
Clean Pull

Friday (Light Day)

Back Squat
Front Squat
Incline/Bench Press
Power Shrugs (Snatch Grip)
Lat Pull

The cycle is normally started with 8 reps on squats, presses, and pulls, with 5 reps being the rep scheme on power clean and power snatch. Three are done on the squat snatch and squat clean. After three weeks the reps are dropped to 5’s on squats, presses (bench and incline), and pulls. Threes become the main staple for all other lifts. Two to three weeks into the phase have the athlete do 85%-90% triples and 80%-85% 5’s on heavy days. There is usually a 10% -15% reduction on light days. When the 90%triples are regularly handled, a bonus set is permitted. This set is usually 95% -100% of 1-2 reps.

There you have it. Lots of brutally hard work done in a manner to yield great gains in strength, explosiveness, flexibility, and coordination. In short, all the attributes needed to succeed in athletics.

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Has anyone else heard that mack brown has begun to make changes in the off-season program and that his new coaches are going to play a bigger role in things. Even on a University of Texas website they’re beginning to realize and criticize madden’s so-called expertise!!

Well last year the offensive line coach took control of their conditioning. This year the new defensive coaches are supposed to be more involved with conditioning. What I find funny is how is a D line coach supposed to know crap about conditioning. He’ll probably just go old school and work them until they puke. Anyone can do that.

Many have been critical of Madden for the last 2 years. I’d just like to know more about what he does with them that’s so bad.

From what I see, it’s clear players have unnecessary bulk, slow down, and don’t even know the importance of stretching. He also gets his nutrition advice from Oprah…no joke. There’s reportedly little individual instruction or tracking with the players development. It should say something when players don’t work out with you for the combine. The only thing you see is players gain weight. Big deal. It’s not like it’s the PSU program, but if you’re getting paid $250,000 I’d think you would want to be the best.

When he was at UNC I heard that his program was too much based on powerlifting, a little olympic lifting, and very little true speed training. When he was at Carolina they had some pretty impressive recruiting classes especially as far as athleticism-many people are under the impression that Carolina was low on talent-no way. That’s one thing no one will contest about Mack Brown-he can recruit it’s just the coaching his way out of a paper bag part is where he has trouble. As for Madden, I never believed he did a whole lot to improve upon the athleticism. True, it’s not HIT but to be making around 180-200(from what I’ve heard) he should be a lot better than he is.

That’s exactly what I’ve heard. A strength coach “Cocktail”. BS.

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True, it’s not HIT? Isn’t that kinda like renting over the phone, and, when you arrive to discover that the rental unit is an Outhouse, being told not to complain, cause you coulda got the Lower Flat??

hahaha, that shows you how much people put up with in college s&c. How many programs actually have good S&C programs. Not many. A few have good strength, but then some messed up conditioning & speed.

These seem to me like the only ones that have at least some portion done well:
USC, LSU, Tennessee, VaTech, Oregon, Wake Forest

Some others that might be:
Air Force, McNeese St., Florida St., Virginia, Clemson, KSU, A&M

Add Louisville to the list. They have been a much improved since Mike Kent got there about four years ago.

Thanks, got to look into that.

Forgot Arizona St. and Boise St.

TCU quotes some ridiculous numbers from their testing, but I think it’s probably BS. Receivers squatting 600 and cleaning 400 sounds…right.

Jim Wendler said that TCU’s numbers are BS. Their squats are quarter squats and their form on the rest is sh*t.

Thought these were interesting from elitefts. Thoughts?

DUMBSHIT ALERT #1-- The strength coach at my old University (Tennessee) was supersetting heavy squats with the 30 second Wingate test on the Schwinn Air Dyne last year, 2 weeks outside of doubles. NO LIE!!!

DUMBSHIT ALERT #2-- The strength coach at University of Miami had his athletes run 16 110’s last Friday then came in and performed 5 x 8 using ascending weights, heavy. NO LIE AGAIN!!!

Here’s DUMBSHIT ALERT #3 - it was reported to me and others yesterday that the new S&C coach (Came from PITT) at the University of Nebraska has accounted for a total of 18 hamstrings, ranging from either mild to severe strains. He states that he conducts an elite program and if you cannot keep up, your just not elite.

Also, he states that you don’t need to know about proprioception and coordination in the weightroom and that it’s just “Science Mumbo Jumbo!”

Thank the NSCA and CSCCA. It’s all their fault!!

DUMBSHIT ALERT #4 - The new S&C coach at the University of Pittsburgh has his athletes performing weighted overhead squats. All the while knowing (because the old S&C coach is at Nebraska, if you haven’t figured it out, expect that there also) that his athletes have a history of osteo pubitis and core stability that ranges close to ZERO. Why ZERO? Because the old S&C coach didn’t believe in postural/torso stabilization. Can anyone clue me in on the Cost-Benefit ratio here? Or just the Benefit ratio of overhead squats?

There’s a sucker (and a moron) born every minute.

Want your star QB doing this?

Wow! I’m so impressed! Seriously, you could get sidelined for the season if you screwed up tiniest bit… What’s the purpose of it? Is he planning on joining the circus after football career?

And they are the ones with the smoothie bar, mondo track, and most likely William. Arrgh. Snowing here too…a lot.

That took place at Oregon? I had more respect for their s and c program before I saw that gem.

Yeah, I thought they had a good S&C program too. At least they do their squats to at least some depth and have some players produce impressive numbers, although that’s not the measure of the program.

The list gets smaller and smaller.

Here’s the link: