The greatest coach is....

i once heard someone say that if u find a true natural sprinter he will succeed no matter what u give him in training.

i don’t know if i believe that so much but here is what i do believe. the first coach 2 take a white man 2 world class sub-10s will b the best coach in the world, ever.

i say this because i believe that anyone who can do that is a true sprint master and really understands the sport.

First off, no bad coach will ever take anyone to the top. Second, the first coach to bring a white man to sub ten may just be the first to get a great athlete who hasn’t been talked out of the event by people who discount their chances from the start.
Does anyone here seriously believe that Borzov, in Munich 1972 shape, would NOT have run sub 10 and sub 20 on the new generation of super-hard tracks?

I think sports illustrated did an article about that. White athletes are more likely to go into sports other than track. I think it is just a matter of time. Why would black people (statistically speaking…as in the world record keeps getting broken) be getting faster and not white people or other groups of humans? What about an athlete that has a diverse genetic background?

i truely think borzov would have.menea broke 20 for the 200 and now KK has reopen the gate to show white sprinters that it still canbe the 100 shervington had a great chance apart from changing coaches etc but in time it will happen that a white man breaks the magical 10 but at that stage the coloured athlees will be running 9.6’s! another great white athlete called ian mackie had a great chance of doing the magical 10 but things caught up with him.

What happened with him? Why did he switch to 400 m? Was it because of an injury? Is he still competing? Thanks!

He has retired due to persitant injury. He moved up to 400m because of injury also. He is now involved in the Colin Jackson, Tim Benjamin, Rhys Williams set-up, he will be in the warm-up area with Tim and Rhys at major events, whilst Colin continues his BBC work.

ian had immense talent but as the above said-he was turtored by of the leanest athletes i have ever seen

colored athletes? are we in the 1960s im confused if i should be offended or tickled… ill choose tickled. i think in the short life of competitive world wide track and field that we dont have enough information to make the blanket statement that blacks will always be faster than whites. we are getting into a tricky and greatly misunderstood area that of genetics. and then we have to ask ourselves how much does it contribute to performance, especially since much evidence is showing the plasticity of the neurological and biological systems. i think we will find in time (if we live that long) a balancing out of the racial background in elite sprinting competition. all the possible phenotypes and genotypes exist in every genetic pool so those desiarable traits that we find in asafa could just as easily arise in a white athlete.

ok name a white athlete who ran 9.7? name a white athlete who broke 10flat?

Definately immense talent … I think the track coach in our area trained him for a bit.

I went to one or two training sessions but I quit because it was so far away.

He had me doing 8x200m on a speed day. 400m jog rest. Then, while he worked on my technique, he had everyone else do 7-8 slow laps of the track.

Not saying he’s a bad coach or anything… but surely this british style of training is gonna lead to overtraining - and ultimately injuries?

For public perception, often it’s better to be a good recruiter than a good coach.

there r 2 main reasons y whites r slower than blacks and that is:

1.almost all their coaches (99.9%) will tell them that they r second rate and will never run faster than the more “gifted” black sprinter.
(if u lose the race upstairs it’s game, set and match.)

2.anyone who believe that he has no chance, wont give 100% in training. therefor, the second reason is that they r lazier and less motivated.

i also believe that black sprinters have a higher motor intellegence and therefore find it easier 2 sprint. white spriter seem 2 fight with the race where black sprinters flow with it.let’s face it , if ur technique is not up 2 scratch all the power and strength that a human can handle, will not make u the fastest man in the world. that is why there r sprinters and there r olympic weight lifters.

So Olympic weightlifting requires no technique or “motor intelligence”?

Gee that is a sweeping statement if ever I heard one! :slight_smile: Do you have any evidence to back this up? Or is this just your considered :wink: opinion?

White sprinters are lazy and less motivated? Charlie were you lazy? Did you have low motivation?

From what ethnic background is the current fastest male 400m runner? Predominantly caucasian? And his famous mentor (MJ) believes he can ultimately break his own WR.

u missed the point… i never said there was a white athlete that runs sub 10. i am amazed how a person can write one thing and another person reads something completly unrelated and then comments as such. look at my previous statement again i think youll find less to be confrontational about.

keep it coming fellas im loving this thread. lol

weightlifting definently does requires both bt it’s nowhere as difficult as that which is requiered for sprinting.

firstly i am on your side, i also believe (mayb more than most of the worlds population) that the white man can b world class, mayb even a world record holder.

i prefer this theory 2 the 1 that says white man was born slow and has no athletic ability. as far as jeremy warrener’s performance is concerned, he is a classic example of what can b achieved with the right self belief and work ethics. but i’ll tell u what , out of every million white males, c how many will b willing 2 do what jeremy does in training, especially with their inferiority complx they have in the sprints. i’ll b suprised if u find 1.

i believe if white women can run sub-11, white men can also be up there. as far as i’m concerned it’s all up 2 the coach, he can either make u or break u. that is y i consider clyde hart the best coach in the world. he is a coach that understands the sport and produces world beaters that r CLEAN. if he were a 100m coach, the first sub-10 white sprinter would come from his camp, i’m sure.

Well why doesn’t Clyde grab one of Baylor’s 100m sprinters and make them run sub 10 then? I would like to have his job of coaching 1 event…

i meant if he was a 100m specialist instead of a 200/400 specialist.