The feeling of being at top speed

When at top speed, should you almost feel like you have another gear to go into, like you can pick up the pace a bit and go faster? It’s just that today at training, I felt like I was running really smoothly, relaxed, and very well, but, I also felt that I could go a little quicker, but I wondered if I had tried to do that, if it would have resulted in me becoming more tense, and actually slowing down.

Does anyone understand what I mean here? It’s hard to explain. I guess, when you run at maximum speed, is it normal to feel like you’re running at submaximal speed?

I really felt like I had the feeling that matched people’s descriptions of top speed the other day for the first time, it felt great. I came in from a standing start and very slowly went faster and faster, not accelerating at 100% until about 20 meters. From there it felt like easy acceleration for a little and then I just felt very relaxed and like I was really going up and down, up and down.

So for me personally, now I have to try to bridge slowly accelerating into fast acceleration before hitting it with accelerating hard from the beggining.

That easy standing start in seemed to work well for me in really getting the feeling for the first time. I’m not sure, but I sort of think that if you think you could or should be pushing harder you’re not really getting to top speed, because I thought it felt like a pretty hard up down up down. I don’t know, there are a lot of runners much more experienced and much faster than me on the forum, so I’m curious to what everyone will say their thoughts are on what it feels like to be going at max velocity.

Many times when athletes run their fastest times they are shocked at how easy it felt. So what you are feeling is good, don’t try to push harder.

Thanks for the feedback. I kinda felt it was a good thing, but also felt I could go faster, and wasn’t really sure whether to push it, or keep everything going smoothly. Thanks again.

I can remnember Flo Jo saying “it didn’t feel that fast” after her record breaking 100meters.

the “up and down” feeling, is it felt in the legs or in the whole body moving up and down?

i’ve never gotten the “up-and-down” feeling. but i have had a big lesson about running relaxed. i was a pretty bad 100 runner, and a pretty good 200 runner, and then my coach told me to try running the 100 like i run the 1st 100 of the 200. i PB’ed by .6.

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the “up and down” feeling, is it felt in the legs or in the whole body moving up and down?

The whole body from what I’ve felt, but I still want to hear what some of the very experienced and fast runners say they have experienced, especially because of what misguided said.

well i’m by no means a fast or experienced sprinter but maybe the ones who are fast can relate to one of us.

Just out of curiousity…what times are u guys running for your 100 and 200m to be talking about this feeling? It felt great when i ran my 10.8! lol Bring on the Sub 10’s!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Tunnel vision. Thats all I can say. It feels like no one else is around and i’m in a scene in The Matrix. And no matter how fast you run it will always feel like you could have gone faster.

tunnel vision is awesome. i don’t get it all the time, but when i do, i always do great. like in 7th grade when i was running like 12.4s, i had tunnel vision for the 1st time and ran an 11.4 split. it was crazy.

My PB is only 11.8, but I didn’t get that feeling then. The only time I have got that feeling is in training, and really in one run. It was clocked as a 17.something 150, which works out sub-12 for the 100. How accurate that was, I don’t know.

On a cold English evening while doing my final and last 150 of 5 i had that Matrix type feeling! It was crazy! The floodlights at the track had been turned off…visibility was low…all i could make out was the turn of the bend and the stands on the right…i came off the bend with such speed that the straight felt like 40m! In addition i couldn’t see the finish line so i powered down the home straight longer than i would with daylight! The feeling was amazing! Maybe races should be ran at night! lol :stuck_out_tongue: