The Death Of Periodization

I agree. In fact Verkoshansky’s concentrated load phase would be considered as periodisation int the West but he would call it something else. Its a matter of terminology. Planning for training he definitely believes in, whether he calls it periodisation or not is another matter.

There is variability of load in my system but classic periodization is the serial acquisition of abilities… ie, weights, then plyos, then speed, whereas I use all elements concurrently but vary the loading of those individual element.

Charlie, I hate to even try to put it into “terms”, but would that make your system a “concurrent” type of training. Similar to what the Westside guys do but, obviously, set up more for sprinters i.e. different training means.

As an added note about YV’s writing; it kind of annoys me when ever anyone has a critique of something but nothing in the form of a solution. This is the problem with this write up. He wants to point out all of the holes but not come up with ways to plug any of them.

Thats not the case with Verkoshansky, he does have a solution to the “problem”. Its detailed in “Supertraining” and numerous publications. In fact Lou Simmons website sells his books and literature.

Tim, check this out!!! Hope it helps!