The China Study:

Questions from the book “The China Study”. I just started reading it and it’s pretty straightforward but very controversial. The author advocates a vegetarian diet claiming that animal protein is the catalyst for most cancers. Obviously it’s much more in depth than that, but I wanted to know if anyone with more knowledge on the subject could give me a hand?

Oxygen is a primer for cancer but you don’t see me holding my breath! 1.8 million Chinese have cancer (I realize the ratio of 70/100,000 due to their large population.) and much of it varies between lifestyles.

Thanks, Clemson. I was going to e-mail you but lost track of your e-mail address.

Most of the time when I hear that someone has cancer, one of the first foods they’re told to avoid is red meat.

Look into Calorie Restriction and the work of Roy Walford. The most effective method of decreasing cancer and all other degenerative diseases in mammals is Calorie Restriction with Optimum Nutrition.

do you think that calorie restriction whit adeguate nutrition is possible to follow for an sprinter and/or a person who train hard?

Yet another knife in the FAT person brigade.
Being Fat not only causes heart stress and all sort of related illness
It now has been shown by an American mob who surveyed over 7000 reports on cancer that being FAT is the 2nd most dangerous thing you can do to yourself to give yourself cancer. The 1st being smoking and being FAT was very very closely behind.

Perhaps warning labels now need to be on big macs and cream pie’s etc stating, “being fat will kill you” etc etc just like on a packet of cigarettes??

“Every Kcalorie over is a killer”

yes, but what do you think about calorie restriction diet? is possible to follow this diet when you’re a sprinter (or you do any form of sport exept to run 2-3 miles every other day?)

and what do you think about the difference between being fat and eat a lot of kcal (if I do a lot of sport i burn a lot of KCAL so i eat more but i don’t became fat, and to have a lot of muscle mass i need more kcal)

so i have 2 question.

  1. is possible to follow CR on sprint training (1800-2200 kcal at least)
  2. is dangerous o not to eat a lot of kcal but burn it whit caloric expenditure (sprint, training, have a lot of muscle f.e.)
    because on pubmed i find a lot of study on the effect of calorie reduction diet, but very poor study on the kcal normal but whit high expenditure rate

Very difficult to know if it calories that count anyway as the recent findings focus on body weight. Hard training limits weight and keeps you lean- a key finding. The lowering of the exercise bar on average is PART of the equation on the cancer rise- but hardly an explanation for rises in types of cancers that were rare in the past. No link between cell phones and brain cancer?? No link between the rise in breast cancer and the use of estrogen like insecticides?? I doubt it.

sorry charlie but i don’ t understand very well (damn english).
you think is difficoult to inerpretate the finding? or you think the sport can minimize the risk as the calorie restriction do? and is possible to follow CR on sprint training (no elite atletes)

Yes, sport can minimize risks like calorie restriction

Calorie restriction is crap in humans.

That a relative statement. the average North American eats WAY too much. Just look down the street, especially in America. it is astounding to see the size of the people coming out of Cosco with their giant carts full of Hungry Man dinners!

exactly. we shopping yesterday and two massive laddies had their shopping cart Overfull, half good food and half crap. At least good food was in there. Look at fast food shops in shopping centers, Fatties linning up everywhere.

A mate of mine, massive trouble loosing weight, his job has him burning heaps of kcal each day, yet its a case of 1burger is not enough, 2 might do but damn look they are selling cakes too…

Some fat people dont eat much its true, but, i bet they sure ate a hell of a lot in the 1st place to get there! They dont exercise, they dont use the stairs etc, they no longer eat, there metabolism is shut down basically.

The best way to loose weight is increase your metabolism. Exercsie and eat more often, ie more meals, albet smaller meals. Cut out bad fats (saturated) and increase your good fats, lower carbs and eat more protein. (Most fat people, well most people, eat way too many carbs and limited good saturated fat free protein).

Eat clean foods.
Doing that alone will drop a big number of calories in a lot of people.

if you need to drop a ton of weight, best doing it in off season, or even taking the yr off from competiting?? depends how much.

if its only a bit of weight, just clean up diet and you’ll be fine

I’ve always wondered why there is a rule in America that says that women over 240lbs must wear lime green stretch pants? (Tell me you didn’t see that while you were watching!)

I don’t need to lose weight (i’m 78 kg for 1.78 but whit at least 12% BF, it is visible my abd). it’s only to achieve a protection against disease that i want to follow CR diet

hahaha, we get black stretch pants here, but yeah, lime green tops - thankfully normal tops.

i now have horrid pics in my head:eek:

now i know where your at.
the original study done many yrs ago, i hope your pointing at that one, 99% of after talks about that original study are soo full of holes its insane.

To lower kcal intake to live longer etc etc had to be fuelled by vit and mineral suppliments, total carbs, fats and pro had to be meet etc. There was a lot in it to prove a lower kcal diet can make you live longer, however, helps when the subjects had their meals provided for them by diaticians etc. Also, to make matters harder to control, the original test was done on mice… after all they dont live many yrs. humans, very complex gut system we have. Its a lot more complex than just droping kcal.
Some of the leanest healthy people are elite sports people who eat in the order of 5000cal / day!! but its not full of junk.

i know there is some point to elucidate in CRON. my question in general (i’m a student of medicine and researcher). i want to know:
is less calorie or is RELATIVE less calorie to work.
is 5000kcal whit 5500kcal expenditure to work,or is 1500 kcal whit 1499 expen to work. the study don’t prove it. and it’s (i think) very easy to prove (mice sport, mice CR, mice Tyroid hormones :stuck_out_tongue: )