The Armory

Will anyone on the board be competing at the NYC armory for indoors? If so Let me know because I’d like to go to track meets actually knowing I can have someone in my corner when I race.

ask me again in november… there’s a chance

I will be, i’m not exactly sure of the date though.

Sweet, I was going by last years schedule. The First meet was around Dec. 14th, so I am assuming it will be similar this year. Any ways, I’d like to get about 2-3 meets in before the New Year. This year im placing a little more emphasis on indoors to get a little more practice for meet atmospheres. I’ll post again as soon as I notice they have a schedule out. Ciao

I should be there 3-4 times during indoors. Drop me a line when you know def. what meets youre going to and we’ll get up.

Im runnin at NSIC this year

OK, so do I hear a 4x200m relay about to get going here?

Im down…

Sweet every time I go I try to get one going but I am surprised how sprinters there don’t like to do relays. I would literally walk around and ask people but got nowhere, I think it’s time to make a change to that…lol