Testosterone Levels (Blood Analysis)

i went to my doctor and he said my testosterone levels are low. he said they are at 400 and he would like them to be 700.

just wondering what everyone else’s testosterone levels are, so i can compare.

How old are you?


Mine was 625 and I’m 28. I’m definatly not a Type A persion either.

I’m in my early 20’s. I am having problems with training workouts off short recovery. I keep on fatigueing under the volume and interval. The other guys i train with seem way better off than me in these workouts. My lung capacity is fine. Its just my legs feel so fatigued and I’m the only on that is responding this way.

Do you guys think that there is a direct correlation to my testosterone levels being so low and fatigueing so much?

I am 25. Mine was 827.

what, is this a quick blood test - or what? does the blood test have a specific name?

does anyone know much about testosterone levels and its effects on fatigue in training? any correlation between me fatigueing in training and my testosterone levels being so low?

How old are you? It’s not such a simple relationship (testosterone vs fatigue). I don’t even know how in depth we can discuss this here. I’ve had total-test results as low as 350 but you also need to consider a myriad of other things besides total test.

You really should look at the diet and your whole lifestyle as factors to see where they can be altered. It could be as simple as a timing issue with your food and supps(sugars, aminos, insulin release etc), hydration and sleep. See below as an example:


Hmmm these test are probably for total testosterone and not a test specifically for unbound testosterone which is more important.

You need to find out your testo levels minus testosterone bound to SHBG.

This is not a completer picture. You need to find out your LH levels as well and maybe thyroid levels if you can. As you are not ver weight or have thyroid problems then it is more than likely that the test results you got were for total testosterone and though a good indicator, you need to find out your free testo levels.

When was the blood test done? am/pm, fasting?Have you had follow up tests?

Fasting, AM.

660 @ 34.

Yes it is likely to be the case.

why look first at why you can’t handle your current workouts. Are your current workouts right in the first palce? what are you doing?

Type A person?

I have just had a heap of tests done in the last week to find a answer for low energy in training and on race day. All like iron and B12 etc have come back great, my testosterone test was 220 and the Doctor would like it up around 250 to 800.
He did not give me much help. How can i get my levels up, and is the low testosterone going to hinder me from improving my race times?

So he said he would like it to be 250-800. What did he say when you asked him what needs to be done?

Go to a longgevity/anti-aging dr. My friend goes to one and his insurance actually covers most of it.

He is sending me to a specialist this week but i want to find out as much as i can because i have the biggest races of the season coming up and want to be able to give max effort

^^^^^^^^^Most specialist are going to put you on test…Not sure what kind of race youve got coming up but its illegal in my sport.(cycling)Even with a script.