Tennis leg

Have any of you experience “tennis leg” before? It feels like more of my pain is in this area…

Tennis Leg
Tennis leg is a musculotendinous junction rupture: a stretch, tear, or complete rupture of the connection between the gastrocnemius (calf) muscle and the Achilles tendon. Tennis and soccer players over 40 are the most frequent sufferers. The injury often occurs when lunging or pushing off one leg to get to a wide ball or serve. It feels like being kicked in the leg from behind: the tennis leg sufferer feels an instantaneous severe sharp pain, turns around to see who kicked them, only to discover that no one is there. Note: “Tennis Leg” is an informal term that is sometimes applied to stretches, tears, or ruptures of the calf itself, rather than to the Achilles-gastrocnemius junction.

lmao, so its called tennis leg. Well thats exactly what I have now, and what I had last season. Happened in both legs. Both times when it happened, i heard a pop, thought I was hit with a rock each time. Last season it happened without warning, no tightness before. This year, the calf was tight a few days before.

The guy in the video said it can only happen once to the same leg unless i heard him wrong… If you look at the picture in the second link thats where most of my pain is…

It can only happen once if it is a rupture of the plantaris muscle/tendon. This is a small muscle that is separate from the other calf muscles (soleus and gastrocs) and is not present in every person. Once it is ruptured completely it is gone and won’t rupture again. If the injury is in the soleus or gastrocs it can re-occur.

Exactly… Have you or any of your athletes had this injury before. Not present in every person - interesting…

Plantaris muscle is permanently gone once its ruptured? that means that person will become permanently weaker?

No. I had my plantaris tendon surgically removed because it was contributing to my chronic Achilles pain. The plantaris actually has no function in humans.
I can plantar flex just as forcefully as before it was removed.

Thank you for sharing that

Feeling good today!! No plan on changing the original plan… Gonna stick with the weights and indoor aerobic work before moving towards the strength block and low volume acceleration work using the sled.

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Be careful with what? I"m closer to 40 and look better then most 20yr olds that’s sad that our youth can’t get in shape… I’m either slow or look young because about a two months ago I had a local summer track club coach trying to recruit me. I was only doing 60m buildups. LOL

lol, I look young minus my big ass beard. I feel young, except for these damn calves that check out when they feel like it. Never had a calf injury my entire career, then the last two seasons each one goes…

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How many weeks did it take for your injury to heal?