Tendon Problem: HELP!

I rarely get injured even though I push myself because I only try and push myself when my body feels ready; but now I’m for sure injured.

The issue is with my left knee, and specifically it’s the tendon in or around the left knee but I can’t touch it with my hand to massage it because it’s deep inside.

I feel the pain when I try and turn my foot to the extreme right, or when I bend leg AT THE KNEE JOINT backward.

The injury did not happen all of the sudden, it just started to come on slow and maintained itself (over 1 year) to now where it has reached its apex because the pain signal bothers me when I sprint, stretch, or even sometimes if it’s late at night when I’m sleep I can feel it.

I have always had an issue with my left tendon in my leg because in HS I had a problem with my IT band (thinking back I assume from training on concrete) but this time my IT band special stretches it not really making the pain go away but it does help. Admittedly, I don’t stretch enough after sprint training but I am working on that.

So I don’t know what to do other then start taking supplements specifically for tendons as I have NEVER included tendon supplements in my diet. I’m thinking my body is deficient in something for me to have a recurring tendon problem being that I never fell on my knee nor have I never got hit in any contact sports so I’m looking at MSM, and glucosamine for now.

Other then that I need help on this one guys… I’m lost as to what I should do other then hope that my tendons are severally deficient in something. Help.


If it is a tendon it is probably inflamed from over use. Most likely it may not ever 100% go away.

Rub traumeel, DMSO and aspercreme on it. Don’t train on it while using DMSO, it works wonders.

Ahh! The words I did not want to hear; rest. Training has been going good, I have gotten stronger in the gym, the weather is wonderful, and some school just built another track around my residence and gave me full blessing to use it but now I have to REST.

Thanks for the tips… I’m going to see if I can track down some DMSO.

You do not have a tendon problem,you have a muscle problem,as the force which is causing inflammation is not adequately absorbed by the primary structures meant to absorb it,read :muscles. So any supplement addressing the tendon problem will address only and always the symptom,while doing nothing to address the origin of the problem,which lays in the lack of communication between appropriate muscles meant to manage forces around your knee joint and stabilize it.

Here follow some videos of exercises which may help you by restoring and increasing appropriate communication of which above. I would suggest you do take a rest from all training which elicits pain level above low,and concentrate on performing daily those exercises which you get the most immediate benefit from,and resuming regular training once painless. Remember adaptation to any training will always be severely restricted by any pain you may endure through multiple inhibitory reflexes which will limit the quality and quantity of active tissues (the only ones exposed and hence responsive to the stimuli).




Thank you Sir! You guys were right, all I needed was some rest, so I backed off the weights and stopped running for a few days. The pain is gone but I know it will come right back if I do too much so I’m trying to take it easy. My other leg now has an issue. I was simply doing tempo runs (30 sec 200m)and all the the sudden my ham went out…

Charlie was right, the faster you get the more fragile you get, it’s frustrating.

Foamroll also
The Tension in the muscles need to be removed.
Try seeing an Acupuncturist also?

Yes sir, I copy.

I’m trying to say on top of the Epsom salt baths, and I will be scheduling a massage ASAP. Also, I do the foam roll after I work out at the gym as they have a few of them there.