tempos or medballs first in gpp?

when doing explsive medball/tempo/weights days in the gpp phase, does it matter if you do tempo first or the MB first?

If medball are explosive, then I would do them first. If we are talking about high rep medball, then it doesn’t matter — you can incorporate them before, during or after tempo.
On my opinion, strenght/weights should be done prior tempo/medball workout if they are done on the same day… but I would love to hear others

I 'll have explosive med ball, then low volume tempo, then weights.

I agree. If we are talking about GPP, it’s not a big deal…

what about putting the explosive medball on the sprint days… ie 400 m sprint volume then explosive MB?? or would this be too much for the cns?

On acceleration days I like to have a small number (15) meb ball throws before the sprint itself.

another Q… on the MB accels how much to do sprint for after the toss in general? do you go right to where the ball lands (which would vary greatly from person to person, ball size etc…) or just like 5-10 m or something?