Tempo work in SPP

Hi Charlie,

I’ve watched your GPP essentials movie, and I really like the tempo session you explained at low intensity days just to ‘regenerate’ the body. I will always remember the words you said ‘it has to feel like you end this workout with the same feeling as you started it.’.

Right now I’ve completed the GPP, and now we are training more specific. Higher intensity, lower volume…getting ready for the indoor 60metres.

What I would like to know: is this tempo training also good in the SPP ? I assume it is, purely from regeneration point of view. But on the other hand I am curious to find out if there can be an ‘optimalisation’ of this type of workout with an extra benifit when you’re in the specific or even competition phase. I would like to know if you keep doing this kind of tempo workout in the comp phase or something else…

The workout I’m talking about is something like this:


Thanks and greetz,

yes it can be continued into the SPP in the same way- not more intense though- save that for the speed work


But I assume one has to play a bit with the distances and series just to not adapt to much.

Right now I’va added 2 trainings per week: one is this tempo training, the other is a hurdle excercise training with a lot of ideas from the vid.

you can do both on the same day if you like and watch the Van’04 Download for more information on SPP.

Ow, Thanks for the hint. I don’t have that tape yet because last time i was buying movies, i was broke :stuck_out_tongue: but newyear gave me a bit of money so i’ll buy it next week thx for the hint :slight_smile: