Tempo substitute?

Can fast paced stationary cycling, ie 120rpm+ be used as a tempo substitue?

I can currently only make the track three times a week.

My current training program is this, any help or suggestions?

Mon - Speed.
Tues - Heavy weights, cleans, squat, bench, lat-pulldown.
Wed - Swiss ball workout (abs) + stationary bike 120rpm, light low resistance for 30mins.
Thurs - Speed/Spec end.
Fri - Same as Wed.
Sat - Tempo.
Sun - Rest.

I was thinking that fast cyling with low resistance would keep the legs moving at speed without fatiguing them too much.



You can swim 200m w/ short rest to sub w/ tempo
for track work. I know the bike helps me when I go above 120pmh.

Just keep the HR up for 30 minutes.

This should help.

Take care

Kenny Mac~~~

What is a good interval training protocol for the stationary bike to get a good aerobic workout without building up too much lactic acid in the quads?

I usually do something like 10x30sec above 110RPM at the highest difficulty (level 12), with 30 sec of rest in between. Causes too much lactic acid buildup!

David, are you trying to increase your cardiorespiratory fitness? I ask since your sessions seem too intense for tempo. When using tempo for recovery and maintenance of the capillary bed, the muscles are activated to a level that allows sufficient increased blood flow, but only stresses the muscle at low intensity. This may only stress your cardiorespiratory system at a low-moderate extent. For cycling you may have to extend your rest, or lower intensity if not aiming at cardiorespiratory.

However, I don’t feel my hams or glutes well on the bike and due to shin soreness I use the pool. I cycle my legs through the water, and although this is very different to muscle recruitment on the track, I still feel my hams, glutes and quads working; the muscles I’m most conerned about for recovery.

Yes I am just trying to increase my cardiovascular fitness for rugby through use of the stationary bike. I can’t run at the moment due to injury (normally I would just run normal tempo protocols which is low intensity to promote recovery and stresses my cardiovascular system quite well when I use 30 sec rest).

However I’m trying to decrease the lactic acid buildup since its forcing me to stop after a few reps. Would it be better to use a lower intensity and lower rest times?

Yes. Lower intensity and shorter recovery breaks.

I agree with coach Francis lower intensity and shorter recovery times allows you to have a great workout without the cost of a high intensity workout. Remember that there is a such thing as a lactic threshold workout but this doesnt sound like the time to do that especially with an injury. nothing can quite simulate the track but for a good low impact workout which allows for a high HR for appx 30 - 45 minyour bike workout on abike or pool is great I would even say incorporate a pool workout into your normal workout routine gives the muscles time to recover because of the zero impact of the pool but still have the HR levels you want from a good tempo workout

For variety David you could use a low intensity Fartlek approach with shorter breaks