Tempo session after speed or speed endurance session.


I am a new member to this forum and have enjoyed reading the vast amounts of technical information on here relating to sprint training.

My question, is it possible to combine a tempo session after a speed or speed endurance workout or is it too much for the body to handle in one day?

tempo is there to combat the effects that happen to your body the day after a hard speed or speed endurance session.
so if you do a tempo session before those effects have happened…

This was covered very recently in more detail but the above is a good summary… try searching for tempo in the title?

Okay thanks, the reason i ask is due to work and other commitments, i can only train 2 days a week.

Knowing how important Tempo runs are for recovery and general fitness I would like to somehow fit them into my routine.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?

Well training 2 times a week. I’d work on speed one day and tempo the other. Sure you can’t find 20min for a quick 10x100m tempo session on grass another time a week?

when i am pushed for time, i can still manage to run from home, do some tempo repeats on the grass beside the road, and be home 15-20min later, shower and that 30min total and i feel awsome after feeling like crap before the run. At least it is something.
Or, find a hard spot on your house, and do med ball throws against that, during sets, do some drills. Though i find that goes for 30min, but hey, your at home, no travellin time involved.