Tempo Runs

What is the maximum volume of tempo running a sprinter should do on recovery days?

As I understand Charlie recommended up to 3000m. 400m sprinters can do a bit higher volume.

The general CF recommendation was up to approx. 2200m for a 100/200 athlete but I think you have to weigh that against what else you might be doing on the same day. If you are also doing a significant amount of (by your judgement) work in other areas such as general strength med ball work, hurdle mobility, mid-section circuits, doing 2200m might not be necessary.

2200m for a 100-200m sprinter

but depends on the level/surface It can be much less than that.

There are numerous factors that can play a part on the volume you use. So you may end up using 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000 or 3000m. It can depend on if you are doing it for the sole purpose of active recovery or you are also seeking some continual conditioning improvement. You will need to consider your overall periodisation and that particular weeks goal. Obviously, the session pre-ceeding and time of year may influence the volume and variety in distance and the rest you may use. You will also have to consider the training history of the individual, the stage of preparation, the event they compete or intend on competing in and if they are explosive or strength type athletes and / or male or female. Whatever volume you consider using look at it with respect to your overall periodisation to ensure you have the overall volume of work periodised effectively to enable you to taper with more confidence at the required period. The last thing you want is this huge undulating volume of work week to week because on one day you prescribe 1000m and next week the same day you have them doing 2500m with no rhyme or rhythm to your application.

Thanks guys. I am a 100/200 meter runner and I want to use my recovery days to aid my general conditioning. I also want general advice since I am going to be in charge of my teams strength and conditioning.