Tempo Runs...quick question

I just wanna make sure I got this right.

Tempo runs should be 65-75% max intensity, and should be done 3-4x a week. Is that right?

So for example, somebody running 11s 100m could do for example 10 100m runs, each in 18 seconds…and rest maybe 45-60 seconds between runs. Is that right?

yep: extensive tempo is up to 65-75% of the best time achievable over that distance under the same circumstances as you are running the tempo (ie surface, shoes etc). So if you could run 100m in the tempo setting (surface/shoes etc) in 11.0 (max), the tempo times should be 14.7 or slower (depending on athletes fitness etc). A slower pace may be required until the fitness is in place to support the consistency of the runs.

75% is the limit not the target time. To figure out the time devide your PB on the surface by 0.75. So 11/0.75 = 14.7

3-4 a week? but if you do 4 a week, you haven’t a rest day. or you do it after a high intensity?

Remembr to account for flats, grass, surface condition etc in deciding how fast you want to go.

Ahhh…I forgot about accounting the surface condition.

Thanks guys…reps.

I for example might do(depending on season of course)
Su: off
M: high intensity
Tu: tempo
W: high int.
Th: tempo
F: high int.
Sa: tempo

You think that’s too much tempo?

no, i think is good 3 times a week.
but you stated 3-4 a week, so i asked if it’s possible to do 1 day high + tempo. So if I lose 1day of tempo, for example this week i can’t do 1 tempo, i can do tempo in high day(or in the afternoon of this day?)?