Tempo recovery

Hey guys just wanted to see what opinions you have on this.

On Saturday practices we do 5x250+15sec up a hill with a 4min recovery between runs. The first 250m is supposed to be done at 80%-85% while the up the hill should be 90%-95%.

My question though involves the recovery. We do these runs with middle distance runners who we usually beat in the first couple reps but obviously they are doing well in the last reps. After each run, however, they jog back to the start. They claim that this helps them recover for the next run by metabolising the lactic acid.

Anyway they do this after each run and while I am dying on the final rep they are still running strong. Is this just because they are mid-distance runners or does this jog back recovery actually have benefit from a scientific standpoint?

I was thinking about trying it this saturday as the workout is 6x250+15sec and I could use all the advantage I can get.

Advice would be appreciated,

I’ve heard the best way to rid the body of lactic acid is to lightly jog it off. I read that somewhere and it also said that during a cooldown you should also jog a lap and not walk it as it helps the body better rid itself of LA. If I can I’ll find that link for you.

Are you running 250 meter flat and then running the 15 seconds up the hill at the end without rest. As one big interval? Or are you running 250 meters, taking a short break and then sprinting up the hill for 15 seconds?

If so that sounds like a hard workout with only 4 minutes rest!

Jogging back between reps is fine and will indeed help with the acid flush. Just make sure you take your 4 minutes rest after you jog back! :slight_smile:

Also it makes sense for the distance guys to be a little stronger in the last reps as you will likely be crossing over to the aerobic zone from anerobic Altactic/Lactic side with such short recoveries :slight_smile:


No rest, its 250m and then you hit the hill hard. Our best run we did in 52sec so that means a 37sec 250 +15sec up the hill. Yeah I know that 4 minutes is short. I am dying on the last ones begging the coach for an extra minute while the distance guys are telling me to “man up”. Its quite ugly really :wink:

Well thanks for the advice guys I am going to try the jog this saturday and let you know how it goes.