Tempo question

Hey, how’s everyone doing?

I have decided to try and stay dedicated with tempo runs, good for me. However, I am still unsure of how one should feel after a tempo run. Should I feel “worked lightly” ? Should I be getting a good heart rate going? Or should I just feel the same before and after tempo runs?

Any info on this will be much appreciated.

Keep the intensity to 75% PBmax and run relaxed and you will feel fine!

Also, I would judge the effectiveness of the tempo from the other faster sessions in the week

Hope it helps!

tempo work is done at a light intensity (75% as said b4) so really what you should feel after such session is a good cardio workout! no lactic from fast repitions, and no stress on CNS. try doing your runs on grass and that should somewat limit your pace and be more relaxing.

personally i like to think of tempo work as a session that gets you well prepared for a good sprint session next day. hope that helps

Thanks both of you!

Alright what you both mentioned I’ve got down. For some reason I think I’m going to be sore tomorrow. It was a good tempo session today though, 10x100m with only 15-20s rest between runs…damn that got my heart pumpin good.

You should be able to feel when the runs are getting too tough or atleast I can. When you feel lactic building up.

exactly and so why i told him that lactic build up means that you going too fast and also why running on grass helps slower pace

I’m in complete agreement.

regarding tempo runs now, here’s something ive been thinking of.

say one’s 200m pb is 22sec falt, 75% of that would be 29sec, now if one was to perform 9x200m in 29seconds, is 3min recovery too much, too little or ideal?

wat about when it comes to the point where running those 200s in 29 is no problem watsoever, is it better to try and run at a 28.5sec pace and maintain the 3min recovery OR maintain the 29sec pace and lower the recovery to say 2min??

PB on track in spikes is not equal to PB on grass in flats.

Adjust for conditions.

also, keep in mind that the 75% is the upper limit, not the only one!

as for progression, i would prefer to reduce the recovery, especially as season progresses (i.e., not further increase intensity); you’ll still stay relaxed -still easy pace- and have a more challenging workout in terms of endurance via reduced rest periods

Thx everyone for all the help!