Tempo on the sea

New idea I got from vacation. It can be done on the sea or in the pool.


  1. Get to deep water
  2. Dip down and take one rock from the bottom.
  3. Put the rock overheard, or on chest and try to ‘pedal’ hard (ala waterpolo style) for 30sec-60sec.
  4. Let the rock go to bottom again. Rest for x2-3 times.
  5. Repeat.

Try not to choke when diping for the rock

do you mean to tread water or to actually pedal or using a running motion with your legs? treading water like they do in water polo is a bit different to a running or cycling motion…

how heavy would the rock be?

Well, try both, whatever keeps you above the water. BTW, I am not trying to be ‘specific’ or mimic running action, so use whatever elevates your breathing and HR. I used ‘treading water’, and I guess this is the ‘only’ optin when you get the heavy rock, because it produces upward forces that keeps you from drowning, while running will not produce that much of upward force and it is better used with something that allows you to float instead of a rock which pull you down.
I don’t know about the rock, I picked the one that I could take out :slight_smile: I guess 5kg?

sounds interesting ill give it a go

I guess ‘threading the water’ (waterpolo) can be problematic with someone with knee issues due high lateral forces, so be carefull…