Tempo on Speed days

Wondering what your thoughts are on running a couple of tempos 100’s, 150’s, 200’s, or whatever distance after finishing a speed session. Is this a good way of warming down and still achieving some extra training and milage during the session, or is this going against any CFTS in regard to firing the CNS? ie,Will you be defeating the purpose of firing fast twitch, if you then run some tempo, to which would be anything under 90-95%?

I use tempo’s up to 200m to warm down with … I think they’re great.

What sort of volume of tempo are we talking? I know your cool down should work on decreasing effort from the peak of the session so 2-3 100s would seem to fit in nicely followed by a jog down.

I’ve only recently started doing a significant warm down now i realise that the effect in aiding regeneration is greater than the small fatigue it imparts so would i be heading the right direction with something like:

2-3 x 100m 75%
400m jogging & light skipping
2-3 x 20m light lunges series 40m jog