Tempo on speed and speed endurance days


I am a new member to this forum and have enjoyed reading the vast amounts of technical information on here relating to sprint training.

My question, is it possible to combine a tempo session after a speed or speed endurance workout?

There was a discussion about that not that long ago, I think (but may be wrong) it was included in this thread :cool:

Tempo is good during GPP (aerobic gains and can reduce injury during SP=specific prep). Therefore tempo does have a important place in your training, just depends on where your at within your periodization cycle.
It has worked for me.

The CF philosophy is that Tempo should be used throughout the year, not only in GPP.

My question is why would you? If you are doing 3 speed days and 3 ext. tempo days you are doing plenty. Cool down, yeah, but a tempo session after speed? Come on now… You’re not going to be helping the recovery much, esp. if you aren’t a full time athlete.

i agree maybe he should bump his speed vol up since he has soo much energy.