Tempo Days

Hello to you all Runners,
I’m a 18 yo Boy and I’m trying to improve my training. I run in 100m and 200m, last year I tried 400m. My Times are 11.86s 23.9(handtime) with -1.5 and 24.20s electric. In 400m 56.20s and 55.8 (Handtime).

I’ve known this forum just some days ago and I see differences in training here. Until this year I’ve always trained with the philosophy “more is better” but now I see things in an other way “Quality is better then quantity”. I Changed my schedule and now I don’t know what to do in my tempo days. I ask for your experience to have some advices. :slight_smile:

On tempo days you can do 10 x100 or 10x150 or 8x200 at 70% -75% of your time best. If you do the 10x100 m stick in the 15.5-16.0 timerange, walkback and run again

Thanks, it’s a new way for me to see training. I’ve always trained everyday hard and I had some injuries for that. Now I change, I wanna improve myself and my times. So these days are for regeneration. Week seems now 3 days + 3 days regenerating. Nice.