Tempo concept for weight training

I have no idea if i am going to get criticized for asking this question, but i am going to ask it anyway.

Is it possible to peform a tempo session using light weights e.g squatting with max weights one day and say 30% of ones 1RM the following day for recovery and removal of latic acid.

Would like to hear you personal sentiments on the matter.


yes you can perform bb circuits like below:

Circuit A:
Leg curls
twist lunges
good mornings
bent rows
lat pd bh
bh sh press
leg ext
twist situps
hang leg lifts
russ twist

Circuit B:
single leg curl
good mornings
bent row
lat pd fr
bh press
single leg ext
weight ball crunch
hang leg lift side
russ twist
weighted v up

very important to keep the weights very lite.

I have used them in the past, some examples are at the beginning of my journal:http://www.charliefrancis.com/community/showthread.php?t=13081&highlight=tempo+weights

I used higher weights, but my ideas of tempo are slightly different.

Tempo can take many forms other than just running.

I personally wouldn’t do high rep squats. It takes too much out of me.


Training like this already exists in the world of olympic lifting. It’s not unusual at all to do heavy cleans (say, 85%+) one day and come back the next day and do cleans again - or a variation- with under 60% weight…
Weightlifters also routinely squat on consecutive days as well. While 30% might be a low number, it can certainly work.

If you’re not a weightlifter, you can simply to the old fashioned “heavy/light” split, and put your lighter squats a little later in the week, after resting a day or two from squating.

In the world of “Westside” training, a standard template for training includes a “max effort” day like you describe, and a “dynamic effort” day using percentages like those you described. When you introduce timed rest intervals, and play with things a bit, in my opinion it could easily resemble a “tempo” workout if that’s your goal…

Of course, you need to ask yourself why you are looking to do a workout like this in the first place, and see where that takes you!

Good luck

In the same way that a tractor could easily resemble a Ferrari if you change it enough. WSB’s DE days are in no way similar to tempo.

But some lifters have reported success with just what was suggested, going back the next day with very light weight. This is somewhat similar to the sled dragging done at Westside, which has several purposes, one of them recovery.

I imagine that 3 -4 sets of 6-10 reps with 30-50% could work for recovery, form, efficiency and just keeping loose.

I’m too cooked the day after squats to do anything like this and a lot of people report the same, but if you feel you can it might be worth trying.