technique issues that lead to injury

What are specific technique faults that lead to injuries?

Say for instance a sprinter doesnt properly step over or their trailing leg doesnt recover properly?

Just curious if there is any repeatable correlation between mechanical/technical problems in form and certain types of injury. (ie: high hamstring pull, lower hamstring pull, hip flexor, quad etc etc.)


chris the most common technical error involves blocking or landing too far in front leading to load on the h/strings.instead of the foot landing near close to the COG(beneath the hips) alot of athletes tend to land too far ahead named “flicking” causing a pulling action on the h/s.very common error and if not addressed can cause major trouble.

One such injury that I have had was from clawing of the track. I believe that using such a technique on top of intensive weight work especially lying leg curls is a sure fast recipe for disaster. Trust me…I know! Now I just touch and go and I’m moving a hell of a lot faster and (thank god) getting over my injury behind the knee/lower hamstring.

thats “flicking”.landing in front of yourself leading to loss of acceleration caused by the braking action thus leading to immense pressure on the h/s

Thanks guys, that is interesting info :slight_smile:

I need to take video of myself again to see how things look.

hope you are going to post it here chris!

The “flicking” can lead to serious problems. In Feb. I found out that I did this and never knew it. Over the years, I have had many hamstring pulls and now the hamstring muscle is fine but the incertion gives me a lot of problems. This led to a torn hamstring tendon in Feb. and i’m still rehabing it and still can’t sprint.