teaching relaxation while running the sprints

What is the best way to teach High schoolers and below how to relax while running the sprints?:afro:

That there cheeks should jiggle, breathe naturally, and do not clentch hands into a fist. That may be a start.
It will be visable if they are tense. Its pretty much a hard thing ot cue as i feel the cues, "breathe and stay relaxed are actually cues in itself.

Feeling the movements during flying sprints (95%), as well as speed endurance work.

We found though that eventually you have to be observant with being “too relaxed”, where efforts become less focused. Even during abrupt-changing velocity (Ins&Outs) sessions.

Could you explain ins and out please? Thank you

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Could you explain ins and out please? Thank you

Simply stated, controlled breathing zone sprinting. For example, 15 meters of relaxed inhalation, followed by another 15 meters of controlled exhalation. This action is better known as the val salva maneuver.

The distances are variable depending on conditioning of the athlete. Some posters here use cones for transition markers. Others use some form of audible or visual cueing.

You may want to research the archives, in addition to the following recent link:


You may notice in the breathing video example how smooth the transition was. Head not jerking, lack of strain, etc.

Note: Ins and Outs are also described as a warmup activity in some published training protocols. Quite different from the definition provided above.

Thanks this is very helpful