Tarik Cohen Highlights


Keep an eye on North Carolina A&T SR running back Tarik Cohen, he’s one of the most dynamic rb’s in the country

First game 62-0… He didn’t play much since it was a blow out. 8/56/2td… Can’t wait to see him perform at the combine, I timed him in the mid-low 4.4’s this summer using speed trap. Overall he’s very explosive.

May have seen this on Espn last year.


Back flips catches are useless. I also see he doesnt run track. So he is one of those football only guys. Coming from a meac aka black school will make it that much harder with his height.

IF he can drop a low 4.3-4.2 it will make him that much more valuable. But IMO he needs to be at trindon holliday speed to get a good shot. He is no where close to that. And trindon is a free agent now.

But you never know. Hope he makes it.

Not gonna entertain those stupid comments. FYI - all of our younger athletes perform tumbling and various flips as part of the warmup (body awareness, tolerate impact, and speed/power). Who knows how fast he is, he only trained with us for 6 weeks and ran 4.4 electronic start/finish unlike the combine hand start/electronic finish. Perfect CFL running-back…

Where are you working/coaching these days?

you did entertain…

Private sector, going back to NCAA D1 Jan 17…

Coaching football? or track?

Strength and Conditioning… Wish I was a football coach, that’s where the money is at but my personality doesn’t fit… When you coach in this country most coaches want you to yell and use bad language…

39-36 4ot over Kent state… The broadcasters kept calling him superman because he put on a show… They won with their 3rd string qb… 24/133/1td + 9rec/125… This kid could start for many d1 schools (texas tech and wash st to name a few)…

I think Oklahoma State could have used a “little” help yesterday.

Thought they had barry sanders jr…

1 carry for 4 yards. Look at the box score. There has to be something wrong with him–or something wrong with the offensive coordinator.

OSU clearly got victimized by the refs, but there’s no way the Cowboys should have been in position to lose to Central Michigan from an intentional grounding call like that

As a 30pt underdog they lost to Tulsa 21-58. 4-16… They had a bye week this past week, should be a bounce back week.

espnu primetime lastnight Tarik Cohen ran for 256 yards and three second-half touchdowns, including a career-long 94-yarder late in the fourth quarter, and North Carolina A&T beat Hampton 31-9.

What did he do against tulsa?

Read the post.

ok let me rephrase my question. What was the issue against tulsa. Injury, sick?

Not sure didn’t watch the game but as 30+ underdogs we can use our heads and say outmatched… Football is a true team sport gotta have other quality players around you.

well based on only 4 carries, Either he was hurt or sick or coaches didnt want to get him hurt im guessing. Weird that your best back gets a couple of carries. If he would have showed out against tulsa im sure the NFL would have really took notice.