taper to testing

i have a combine this weekend and will be running the 40. my question pertains to my last day of speed work. my testing will be on sunday the 29th, and i don’t know whether to do the speed work on thursday or friday.

my last speed workout would look like this:
approximately 120 yds
10 yd starts
2-3 x 30
pro agility x 1

if done on thursday, friday would be tempo and saturday would be my dynamic warm up and some stretching just to loosen up.

if done on friday, saturday would be my dynamic warm up/ stretching and thats it. but i’m concerned friday might be too close to testing date to do speed work.

my schedule in the last week has looked like this:


Speed Work - 175 yds mostly accleration work
weights - very easy




Warm up


Any help, ideas and comments is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Basically you are trying to peak, and in order to peak you need to be well rested. I think you should give yourself maximal days to be fully recovered from speed work, therefore I’d do it on Thursday. If done on Friday, you are right, it may be too close and even though you will feel recovered, your body may not be fully.