T-Bar Rows

I know that charlie and everybody here on the forums like seated rows and lat pulldowns for their pulling movements, but would T-Bar Rows be a good pulling movement as a supplemental lift? Just wondering because I am thinking of installing them into my GPP lifting regime for more variety.

That is a lift that i’ve always used.

Why not? It’s not like it’s crucial which rowing exercise you choose. Most important thing is that you do it properly, don’t cheat the weight up, and put some effort into it.

I like to place the olympic bar in a corner and grab a narrow parallel grip then do them with that. I get a great workout from it.

May I steal this post, as was stated by Fabio, there were a few supplemental lifts that were recommended, and I’ve come up with a few questions to help all the newbies and the not so newbies to remember:

a) what are the recommended supplemental lifts and their purpose (beach muscle lifts?)
b) what is a protocol that is acceptable in terms of where would we fit it in (since these are low MU recruiting lifts where do they fit in during training, tempo days etc?..)

if I come up with anything else I’ll try to post it

I use them as one of my pulling movements as well. I change up my exercises every 2-3 weeks. Sometimes I superset Tbar rows with facepulls.


Is that kinda like when you have a girl you’re trying to kiss and she doesn’t want to and your pulling her face towards yours? I can see how that’d work as a replacement to t-bar rows.

Seriously, I’ve never heard of face pulls. Can you give a description please.

Facepulls is for the upper back, traps, and rear delt. You use the high pulley system and do them either standing or seated. Use the rope lean back and pull to your face. You can find pics on elitefts or t-nation.

Face pulls are great.

I mostly stick to bent over barbell rows, one or two handed. I often do “t-bar” style rows by having the barbell between my legs, weight on one side, and row it that way with one or two hands. Sometimes I do it with the barbell outside for a different feel as well.

Make sure to get some bent over shrugs in there.