Sydney 100m Final- Great Race

A race that many people either forget or overlook is the 2000 Olympic 100m final.
This race was run on a very chilly night into a -0.3 headwind! Mo and Ato went 1,2 in this race but check out Mo’s splits:

  1. Maurice Greene (USA)
    RT: 0.197s
    10m: 1.94s (1.74s)
    20m: 2.96s (1.02s)
    30m: 3.88s (0.92s)
    40m: 4.78s (0.90s)
    50m: 5.63s (0.85s)
    60m: 6.45s (0.82s)
    70m: 7.28s (0.83s)
    80m: 8.12s (0.84s)
    90m: 8.97s (0.85s)
    100m:9.87s (0.90s)
    10m Split: 0.82s (!), 50-60m

Consider the reaction time (compare this to that of Athens). Then take at look at the final 50m. Then consider that this race has one of the only recorded 0.82s in history and the fastest 10, 20, AND 30m stretches of all time (60m-70m; 60m-80m etc.). If you have the tape check the move from 50-90.

Maybe not the greatest but an all-time great.


The official splits I’ve seen don’t have Mo any where near a .82 and the final 10m is quicker than a .90.

Think about it, going from 0.85s to 0.90s is close to a 6% drop in speed over a 10m segment. He’d have had to have slammed on the brakes to do that.

The track he ran that time on was slow and the conditions were terrible. Cold and swirly. And for these reasons 9.86 is a great run.

Where have you seen these official splits? I’m not aware of official split but for 400m race in Sydney.
0.82 followed by 0.83 is highly doubtful to me!!
I’ve never seen someone with twice 0.83 in a row with legal wind.

NSWIS did them at the games I believe.

Please post them!!!

Does anyone have this race on computer?

I have been searching for it for a v. long time.


Does anyone have this race on computer?

I have been searching for it for a v. long time.


Already sent it to ur email, no probs.

These splits were taken from X King ( therefore not official) using Video analysis from 25Hz tape. I cannot validate or dispute the legitimacy of such analysis but am merely sharing what I researched and extracted from a thread back in 2003. Pierrejean i am aware that you are far better qualified to offer informed comment and certainly defer to you and others more knowlegeable than myself.

But if these are incorrect i’d like to know what the accurate breakdown is. Anyone?