Switching from Baseball to Javelin

Hi everyone,

so I actually haven’t played actual baseball for 2 years now, but back when I did I was a hard-throwing outfielder with poor accuracy. I’ve been a sprinter the last two years, but my college coach at school noticed my arm while throwing a tennis ball around and now I am going to start some javelin training to see if I have potential there.

back in my baseball days I could top out at about 85 from a pitching mound, and now I assume I throw about equally as hard as I am older and stronger, but do not throw as often

I do have some experience throwing jav, but I can’t seem to get my front leg to block or my javelin flight quite right because baseball mechanics are so ingrained.

any advice from anyone on major differences that I should really key on?

Tom Petranoff is where I suggest. Ex baseball pitcher who is the only person in the world to hold world javelin records with both the old and new rule 800gm javelin.

A friend from high school actually has gotten several lessons from him. I could try through him to see if I can get contact info


yup! I saw that he’s the creator of it! thanks!