Swiftyer's First year results

Well, I’m new, fresh and ready to rock!
Recently, I have run in a team time trial and my result was as follows:
Second fastest grade 9 on the team.
100m: 11.89s FAT(rented an FAT system*iunno how)

I didn’t get to run anything else because I lacked the training for it and we only had one set of FAT compatible blocks.

There is more to come on my results in a weeks or so.

Track Wars meet coming wednesday
First official meet of the year. Located in Kitchener.
Hopefully rain doesn’t hinder anything too much.

Dang, you’re only the second fastest on your team with a time like that? What does the fastest guy run? With a time like that you should be in good shape to make OFSAA, good luck with your season.

thanks man. Seeing as your from Ottawa good luck with your meets. With any luck, we might meet at OFSAA. Im not entirely sure but I was told that the fastest guy ran something like 11.75 but that was a botched handtime. At the FAT trial, he got about 11.87 ish.
Yeah, we are small town but we soar. We have a champion midget hurdler(last year) who got gold in regionals, silver in WOSSAA and gold in OFSAA so people know who we are :slight_smile:

Wow that is impressive, best time from Ottawa for your age last year was 11.9 FAT and we have a million people here.

I know a thing or two about botched handtimes myself, I once ran an 11.1 on a grass field without spikes when I was 14 years old. :rolleyes:

UGGGHH!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:
Wow, today was the worst meet I haev EVER been to in the history of my life. It was pouring rain the entire day and there were strong swirling winds.
The results weren’t that wonderful either.
There were no blocks and we were running with headwind. :eek:
100m: DQ’ed
4x100m: 50.36 (botched last two handoffs. 3rd leg had to come to a deadstop!!) 12.41s split(first leg) strong headwind and no blocks. :mad:

My next meet is on Saturday in St. Thomas, good weather forecast.
My 11.xx times should be coming back up starting that day :slight_smile:

HOLY CRAP tell me about IT!!!

i had to do triple/long jump meet today and it was honestly ridiculous!!!

our school doesnt have a track–we have rubber mats so everyone was sliding everywhere in the pouring rain…wow!!

the temp dropped like 20 degrees in 15 min as well

Yeah, that meet was just CRAP!
I say we work harder and hope for a clear break on Saturday in St. Thomas.
Yuo giong to that TJ2K?

i thought about it, but our school is going to a meet in chatham…(thats where they are holding our swossa so i wanna get used to their track)

any good results at track wars in any events u know of…jumpers maybe? lol :smiley:

well there’s a guy in midget who ran 11.40 with blocks against strong headwing. I bleieve he might be this year’s OFSAA midget 100m champion. I haven’t seent the results for jumpers shrugs
Chatham you say? hmmm. SWOSSAA you say? interesting.

have fun in the snow this weekend…

[QUOTE=Swiftyer]well there’s a guy in midget who ran 11.40 with blocks against strong headwing. I bleieve he might be this year’s OFSAA midget 100m champion.QUOTE]

I hate when younger people can run faster then you even when running into a headwind :rolleyes: that’s exactly what the OFSAA champ ran last year, I’d be surprised if anyone beat that guy

Well, just got back from today’s practice. Decided to take up a new event. Say hello to the new 100m sprinter/ sprint hurdler.
My coach thought I had good technique for hurdling and wants to start me up. I pick up on technique stuff [pretty easily so We’ll ahve to see how it goes. Hoping to get in alot of practice for a meet where I’ll be doing hurldes for the first time(in about 2-3 weeks.)

Ya I heard snow was coming. BLEEEP!!! Goddang it. why is it always me who gets the crap weather?

update: I think we no longer have a midget 4x100 relay team. Our second leg tore something in a soccer game today. No replcaement thats good enough. 3rd leg plain sucks. Me and Tom(the anchor) might ahve to move up to juniors cuz they dont have enough for a team. Exactly 2 runners short. We’ll be running 45-46s easily.

Good luck in the hurdles, and after having been there I recommend you work not only on form and technique (those things come pretty quickly with good practice) but on rythmn! This is the most important part of the sprint hurdles race. You could be a 10.5 100m guy, but if you dont have the rythmn to take 8 steps to the first and then three steps in between the hurdles for the rest of the race, your times will be horrible.

yep. I’m also working alot on my flexiblilty. I kind of regret having started hurdles right in the middle of the seaons cuz my hip flexors are kind of getting sore from trails and leads. Oh well. Im hoping to do good for regionals. Never know.
I think Im also going to do the 200m for fun. I’ve improved by about 4 sceonds since my last time running it(from a 28.xx to 24.78ht.

Oh boy. Meet tomorrow in St. Thomas. FAT timing and Im only running the 100m race. I wish I could make a last -minute entry into the 200…grrr. Spose to snow. We’ll see how it goes.

Another horrible meet!
It poured like hell the entire day, the temperature was like 2 degrees celsius and the wind was blowing at 35km/h(you’d think tailwind would be great but trust me, you wouldn’t like it.
I had warmed up in the school’s gym for an hour and I was all pumped up for the 100m and 200m races. I knew that if the weather was clear I could easily kill competition and try for a 11.xx or low 12.xx(around .1-.2). But as I had already said, the weather was crap. The minute I stepped outside to go to the startup line, I got cold and my muscles tightened up in a second. I went up to the blocks, went down and waited for the SET. As I rose for the start, I had the BIGGEST pain pinpointed in the very bottom of my calf. I nearly died and I just ran the race.
100m-13.3s(ran with VERY STIFF muscles, calf pain, and freezing temperatures)
200m-the meet was cancelled by then due to incredibly bad weather.

I left early and now I’m going to teh indoor track at the Y and gonna do hurdle training.
Hopefully my other track days call for promising weather.
You’ll see those 11.xx times yet.
I promise you, I’ll be running my fullest by regionals(pushing to the limit)

our meet got cancelled yesterday…

its snowing HARD where i am and the winds are up to 50 kmh

its friiggin crazy…

ill see ya on tuesday if the meet isnt cancelled…

I’m starting to hate Canada…30 cm of snow!!!

Last year at Montana Class A-B State (Late May) I had to start in a puddle of 35ºF rain an inch deep in prelims. The next day it snowed. I feel ya. It snows south of the border in the spring, too.

Meet in Petrolia Wednesday.
Hoping to get my tiems back to their original spots(11.89-12.1) and (25.9-26.2)
Lets hope that my muscles,mood, and weather decide to cooperate.