wow, after a week of horrible dumbells bench presses, i went back to the barbell bench and i PB’s bigtime, from 175x2 to 1RM at 200 at a bodyweight of 169lbs. Now I had this same effect with squats this supercompensation effect. How should i rebound from this, which i think is where i lack the most knowledge in lifting. Help ASAP i completed the new max lift yesterday

I unloaded did easy on june the 29th, following weeks twice a week i would do upper body excercise thats it, cant do lower cause of hip flexor strain. Went back into it after unload and it felt harder the weights, like last week it was as if i was losing strength on dumbell bench, then…BAM the max lift for this week 20lb increase in barbell bench press. All i need is a correct way to periodize next time to make another smooth transition. Whenever i unload i feel sick, and week when i go back to heavy lifting.

It sounds like you are not deloading until you already have over trained. I would go in 3-5 week waves. 3-5 weeks on flat bench then change over to dumbell bench for 3-5 weeks and then maybe incline 3-5 weeks. This will keep you from getting stale and if you get stale after 3 weeks just change. You could also plan a down week every number of weeks that way you can get some active rest without totally taking a week off to get your cns back to normal. I would need to know more about youre training program and how it is set up to give you a better answer but i hope this helps.