summer workout ideas

So reading through many of the threads and trying to retain all of the info availabe over this forum (also already having gotten some help from others!), I’ve put a little something together,along with a few questions I have concerning numerous topics.

Monday - Speed–3x3x30m
Tuesday - Tempo 2x3x200
Wednesday- ?? what would/could go here?
Thursday - Tempo 2x300,200,100
Friday - Speed 3x3x30m
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Rest
Weights monday, wednesday, friday,doing about 7-8 exercises with either a squat or DL each day.

I know this isn’t much, but this seems to be what has been a common themre on the forum (2 speed days and 2 tempo days). I am a college athelete (without a coach at the moment), meaning we start an indoor season right after X-mas break, with outdoor starting in early april. I am a 400 hurdler mainly, while doing 400’s as well (I am probably looking at 400’s and 600’s for indoors).

There are many things that I am confused about in regards to training,ie, does this part of the year constitue as a GPP?,whether I should be trainging for speed or acceleration at this time in the year, among various other questions I can possibly ask if/when i can get a few responses.
any help greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!