"summer-work vs fibers"

Hello, I´ve got some thoughts regarding how the “sprinter-fibers”, in your body would react if you would work say three to four months with e.g walking a lawnmover as a job, say 8h/day.
This would mean a lot of standing/walking all day, does this kill the “sprinter-fibers” and ruin your season?

This is a question I sometimes pounder on, wich jobs that are enimies to the sprinter…for thoose sprinters that needs to work, not Mo&co…

Read this, mo. This is a great article on the subject.

Will working as you describe alter fibre (Assuming you keep up training)? - No.
Is it ideal? No. but you can’t always have the best of circumstances.
Look at Mo Greene. He had to take some rotten jobs to keep his dream alive- but he did it.
If you’re on your feet for many hours at a time, you should let your feet up over your head to promote drainage whenever possible. It’ll definitely help.