Summer Training Plan

Here is a sample game plan for my summer workouts, please critique. 5’9", 130lb sprinter…22.71, 52.51

Mon: Weights, Accel. Work, Plyos
Tue: Ext. Tempo, Mobility circuit
Wed: Weights, Max V., plyos
Thurs: Int. Tempo, mobility
Fri: Weights, Long Jump work
Sat: Mobility circuit, active rest
Sun: Active rest

sorry i can’t critique it, but what are some examples of mobility circuits.

And is active-rest just say walking as recovery to get lactic acid flowing and staying in the muscle.

Looks good but I’d make sure you lift after your speed work or plyos, not before.

Here’s the deal on that: Due to my work schedule, there is no way I can lift after my track sessions. I lift from 10-11am, that’s the only time I can fit it in. I can fit the other stuff in at either between 1pm and 3pm or after 7pm. I wouldn’t want to give up weights just from time constraints would I? Should I wait until after 7 to allow more muscle recovery? That’s the biggest prob w/ my schedule.

active rest is not doing anything related to track, but still being active, like playing frisbee or riding a bike leisurely.

Well… Given that info, there are many options.

I’d just keep it like you have it and consider running (at least occasionally) at 7pm. Given your situation, you’d probably want to either run directly after lifting (so you don’t need to do an entire warmup again) or run at least 4 hours after lifting (to give yourself proper recovery time).

Anyone else?

Although the weight session seems short, I would still prefer the longest gap between the two sessions and from personal experience, too.

If the 7pm session though consistently lacks quality due to day’s workload, you might have to go with the afternoon one adjusting perhaps a few things depending on how you feel after the weights session (e.g., warm up and/or the session itself).

I would start with the 7pm session and see how it goes…

Hope it helps!