Summer Training for small sprinter

I’m a junior this year. I’m 5’9", 132lbs, 28" waist, and 10.2% bodyfat. PBs: 11.53, 22.71, 52.50. My coach wants me to focus more on lifting this offseason for my sprints. I am curious what aspects of lifting I should focus on and how much weight I can gain without sacrificing speed. I bench 190 and squat probably around 275. Can’t clean due to wrist problems. I have access to a very big weight room, benches, squat racks, clean bars, dumbells, glute-ham, anything. Also have access to a track and med balls. Any help on what specific things I can do to improve? If any other information is needed, I’ll be happy to provide.

My main focus would be 200m and 400m, plus long jump. I think my 200m time indicates I can go faster in the 400m.