summer outline

hey guys how does this plan look for the summer…any suggestions on how i should make it better?

Monday: a.m. workout (lower body), basketball practice by myself, and then a p.m. game for high school

Tuesday: a.m. workout (upperbody), basketball practice by my self, maybe some tempo running

Wednesday: baketball practice by myself, game for high school in the p.m.

Thursday: plyos, lower body workout in the a.m., basketball practice by my self, game for high school in the pm

Friday: am workout (upperbody), basketball practice by my self, tempo or circuit

SAturday and sunday im nto sure yet…

alright, i’ll see what i can do

monday : i would not lift lower on a day that you will be playing basketball, that’s just asking for trouble imo, i guess it would also depend on the volume/intensity, same as with the individual skill session; same thing goes for Thursday, way to much

tuesday - fine
wednesday - fine, what kind of intensity are these basketball skill sessions going to be, maybe you could elaborate more, there could be a big difference such as dribbling drills vs shooting 300 game speed jump shots

friday - fine

saturday - sunday - maybe take one of your lower body days and put it here instead of on the day of a game

just some suggestions to think about

im gonna have summer league games throughout this whole summer…i think i can take the beating of workin lower then havin a game at night…these are what my basketball sessions would look like…


-2 suicides to get you tired (makes it seem like your more in a game type situation)

-Shoot in game jumpers 50x

-No dribble shots off pivot 2 minutes

-Fake one way go another jumpers 2 min

-Crossover to left and shoot 20x
-Crossover to right and shoot 20x
-Step back jumpers 2 min
-Jab step and shoot 2 min
-Off the dribble jumpers (anywhere) 2 min
-Run to half court come back and shoot 20x
-Mid range jumpers (Baseline, Wings, Elbows) 10x from each
-Elbow to Elbow shooting 2 min
-Stand at the top of the key , jab step one way, swing the ball through, take one dribble the other way and then pull up for j. Always come in to your shot using a 1-2 step instead of jump stopping or pro hopping.
penetration- come down left, right, and center of court. make a move and then explsode to the basket finishing with a layup or a pull up jump shot. make 3 layups and pull up jumpshots with each move.


-2-ball dribble 15 mins
-Change of direction dribbles up and down court 10x
-speed dribbles- running full speed, head up, ball bouncing high so you can go at maximum speed
-control dribble- before you do ANY move you must do at least 1 control dribble. it is a low dribble gaining control of the ball (ie. when a defender is near you/ speed dribble, 1 control dribble, crossover move)
-Speed dribble to elbow, control dribble once, crossover , speed dribble to half court, control dribble, speed to next point …
-same with behind the back instead of cross over

-"" spin move

  • pull back crossover (2 dribble back, then crossover, )

i have absolutely no idea how you are giong to handle that volume on monday and espescially thursday, you have plyometrics, then probably over 200 jumpshots, then a game? i really, really think you need to rethink that

isnt that like 500 jumpshots? im probably gonna cut out the plyos until later on into my training…im gonna eat real healthy and when i have nothing to do im gonna nap so ill try to recover as sufficient as possible with my schedule…well i think the drills are fine cuz its not like im playing a full court bball game its just solo bball practice, i gotta practice everyday, i just have to.

hey Patrick…how does my bball practice look though? would u add anything to it? what are some drills for having pressure on u when bringing the ball up as u said or going to the left off the dribble…how does it look? can u help with it please? (all drills i do are gonna be at game speed)

everything looks fine, getting a wide variety of shots, what kind of 2 ball drills are you doing, if you have ever seen gannon bakers video he goes over a nice variety of 2 ball drills, as does bb’s better ballhandling

oh alright thanks man, starting today im gonna be keeping a journal of everything i do in the journals section…