Suggestions/critique for SPP for short sprinter

Just wanted to ask the forums opinion on starting my SPP phase next week.

I want to transition in to SPP after my 8 week GPP by doing the following and just wanted some feedback/suggestions with what I have and what you would do…(this is for a 55/60m- & 200m indoors season runner mind you)
Also, my more intense weight days will stay the same (mon-wed-fri), with bb circuits on tue and thur, an active recovery day on Sat, and Sun Off.
I’m going to put block starts at the beginning of my mon-wed-fri workouts because I feel this is a weakness and I want to get as many reps in as I can.

Mon: Max Velocity
5x10m block starts
4x30m Fly Ins (30m accel)
4x20m Fly Ins (40m accel)

Tue: extensive tempo
approx 2500m total volume done on stationary bike
35sec = 200m
25sec = 150m
15sec = 100m

Wed: Accel Dev or sprints
Sprints ex 1:
5x10m block starts

Accel ex 1:
5x15m block starts

Thur: extensive tempo
approx 1500m total volume done on stationary bike
35sec = 200m
25sec = 150m
15sec = 100m

Fri: Spec/speed End
ex 1:
5x10m block starts

5x10m block starts

Sat: Active recovery

Sun: Off
Critique AWAY!!!

Why a stationary bike? I’d look for other options (circuits, medball, hurdle mobility, etc.) rather than a bike. If you can’t do that, you’re still going to need to extend the time on your bike reps as a bike takes much less energy than running, so you could probably double the times for each.

Well, the stationary bike is necessary because its approx 10 degrees in Mass and Conn right now, so running outside on the ice/snow isn’t an option.

Also, the reps are done at max rpm range, which is why the duration is less…that’s all documented in my training journal…

What I’m really looking for is a critique/suggestions about my SPP phase…

what are your PBs ? Seems to me that you are training a lot…
anyway: what kind of weightlifung are you doing(reps,sets), bc i think it could be possible that you do too much --injury will take place, watch on it

I would still get rid of the stationary bike–just going to tighten up your hamstrings and it’s not really that great of an option anyways. I live in PA with quite a bit of snow as well, but hurdle mobility (you don’t even need a hurdle if you have a smith machine available), general strength/tempo circuits, and medball throws are all very viable methods of training that are probably better than a stationary bike.

For the flying runs, probably less distance on the fly portion. 20m should probably be the limit at this point in the season, esp. at the beginning of SPP.

What kind of rest and intensity are you using on the SE work? Is it submaximal (accelerating to 20 then maintaining for example) or is it all out?

I def agree with u on the fly ins…I’ll do a 35-40m build up with 20m fly zones.
Also, what kind of volume should I use for these sessions…Should it be around the same as an accel dev. work out (250-350m total range)?

On the SE work, I was going to use full recovery b/w ea rep…so for the 80m runs 8min rec, 120m 12min rec…the 1min per 10m rule…?
And I thought I would go @95% intensity because of the extended rest…is that alright…Also, what would you suggest for volume here?

Also, I’m going to stay with the bike since I think it’s the best substitute for tempo runs. And I do hurdle mobility/gen strength/med ball work

For reference my tuesday and thursday is as follows:

2500m equiv total of bike work consisting of 35, 25 and 15 sec intervals.
BB circuit A (3-5 exercises w/10-12reps ea)
Alt core (med ball throws/alt abs (side and oblique work))
Hurdle mobility

1500m equiv total of bike work consisting of 25 and 15 sec intervals
BB circuit B (3-5 exercises w/10-12 reps ea)
Alt core (heavier med ball throws/ weighted oblique side ab work)

Also, for weights, just check my training log…

I just wanted to get some reassurance regarding my SPP plan that I’m gonna start tomr’w.

How does this look for a program in terms of the volumes?
Do I need to change anything?

Oh, I have also substituted step ups and quick feet drills of an assorted variety for the bike sessions I had previously been doing during my tempo days. I’m keeping the volume (time) per each rep the same.

Also, I was reading a post on this site regarding the flying sprints, and the collective idea was to start with a shorter build up zone, ie 20m, and gradually work your way to a longer one. Whats the opinion of this.
I would also like to get an idea of the specific volumes per session of spec.end, maxv, etc…

SPP week 1

Mon: Max Velocity
5x10m block starts 1min rest b/w ea
5min rec
4x20m Fly Ins (20m accel zone) from rolling start w/4min rest b/w ea
15min rec
4x20m Fly Ins (20m accel zone) from rolling start w/4min rest b/w ea

Wed: Acceleration
4x15m block starts w/1:30min rest b/w ea
6min rec
4x30m w/3min rest b/w ea
12min rec
4x25m w/2:30-3min rest b/w ea

Fri: Spec/speed End
5x10m block starts w/1min rest b/w ea
5min rec
2x80m w/8min rest b/w ea
15min rec
10min rec