Suggestion: Put most recent posts on top.

Is it possibe to insert a Most Recent Posts box on top of the forum, right under the chatbox ?

What do you think ?

I would be all over that.

List the threads by most recent post rather than in the usual, static order.

Also, if one one forum or sub-forum or whatever it’s called has two threads going at the same time, and one had a post 10 minutes ago and one had a post 5 minutes ago, the way it is now, only the post from 5 minutes ago is referenced on the main forum page, so I’ll probably never know the other thread has a new post (if I spend all my time on the site, I’ll eventually have to trade my computer in for food).

You guys don’t use the “New Posts” link?

Yep, that’s the ticket.

That’s always the first thing I go to when visiting the site.

Exactly. Good post Mortac.

I must be blind !

top of page 5th from L
User CP, Homepage, Online Store, Calendar, New Posts

it is next to the Search Function…did you know there was one of those? :slight_smile:

Well there you go.

Very nice.