Substitute for Hills

Say there is 10" of snow on the ground outside, and I have an indoor area where I need to perform my GPP. I cannot use hills, yet this is the most important first step in GPP Essentials. We have big and small sleds and anything else you can suggest.


I am less enthusiastic about sleds now as the more resistance from behind, the quads work more but the hams work less by comparison.

Ok, so give me some options if I have no hills to run.


Weighted vest during running A’s, and plyometrics with weight vest on or holding dumbells.

Get your weight lift poundages higher.

I realize that hills are used for technique and power. Well, plyo"s and tech drills with weights vest can improve tech and power.
Remember that improved power can ofcourse improve technique.
A good core/mid section program involving flexion, extrension, rotation, compression and lateral flexion can do a lot more for technique and power than hills can in my experiance and opinion.

I see no reason why you couldn’t use a sled- if you only use enough resistance to generate a 10% decrement in time performance. Thoughts?

How much weight should a belt or vest have? 10 pounds? 20?

How do you determine what is a 10% decrement in speed? Is it trial and error? Or is there a method to determine this?

You time the run! If you normally run 4 sec for the distance, adjust the resistance till you run approx 4.4 with the same effort.

That’s exactly what I was referring to when I said “trial and error”. Thanks Charlie.