Stretching without warm-up

I like to do a few static stretches during the day (hip flexors, hamstrings, etc) to overcome the tightness from spending the day sitting at my desk.

So how important is it to warm up before static stretching? What are the drawbacks to stretching without warming up?

Pulled muscles, pure and simple.

You don’t need to warm up to stretch at work. Come on now.

If you keep the stretching very light (barely noticeable), you’ll probably be fine. If you try to actually stretch, you will pull muscles like LKH said.

Warming up is very important before stretching.

Too funny, I would love to see him doing a skips and butt kicks in the hallway at work.

:stuck_out_tongue: My boyfriend goes to the storage room to do push ups =pppp And EMS’ing in the mornings is also a habit ! (at work)

A friend of mine in the U.S. (he used to post here), used to practice block starts in empty offices, during break time :rolleyes: (psychoooo :stuck_out_tongue: )

During a hectic workshop last year, I used to go to the bathroom to do reps of rebounds for upper body.

I think the man can stretch at work :cool: (but I agree, go easy!! )

I know someone who uses the hallway after everyone else has gone home to warmup if it is horrible outside. :rolleyes: