stretching quads inbetween squat sets

I know youre not supposed to do static stretches before power excercises, but my quads get tight when im doing squats so i like to stretch them. Is this alright or will it be detrimental.

If you are adequately warmed up, prior to squatting, you will not experience tightness during/in between your work sets.

Perform a dynamic warmup prior to squatting which includes mobility and dynamic flexibility drills. The only muscles which may be static stretched prior to squatting or jumping are the hip flexors.

This is all subjective to a degree, however, I advise most athletes according to the information listed above.

I agree with jman on proper warm-up.

I would rather do some shaking of those muscles and maybe some dynamic/ballistic ‘stretches’ (like little bounces in the deep squat position) to keep them loose. Don’t just sit down after your set, but keep moving a little. Also remember proper hydration and mineral balance.

I agree with the warm up suggested, but I would statically stretch the quad if need be, use your best judgement.