Stretching before speed work

Static stretching before speed work, I need this cleared up.

We’ve all heard the power decreases following static stretching. Problem for me is how much for how long, from how much stretching?

Personally I’ve seen mixed results.

But isnt it a better idea to do JUST a dynamic warm up of drills/dynamic stretches and reach max range of motion?

All individual, something is tight as hell a dynamic warm-up might not do it so static stretch if you need to. If you’re worried about reduced power output then do the stretched first and wait 15 minutes or whatever afterwards before you start sprinting.

Don’t over think this, do what YOU need to do to have a good training session.

Haha what yall think of the gather around the leader.

Leader: ONE!
Group in the circle around him: TWO!

And go to 10, they really stretch for 3-4 seconds each muscle and they’re done.

But anyways so you would recommend a generally flexible (moderately) athlete like me to simply do dynamic only. I’ve tried both MANY times, but I havent been timed during the runs, during meets I play it safe and do dynamic only.

I hate the dynamic warmup. Its basically like doing drills, while you stretch UNWARMED muscles, but at the same time.

One of the stupidest things ever invented.

Why hate them? You run laps and get WARM muscles, then do things like joint rotations, leg swings etc. and drills to reach max ROM.

From what Ive read from a lot of studies, static stretching = decreased power output right after.

No you don’t. You do marching stretches basically unwarmed.

I consider a dynamic warm up some like this:

Run laps

Drills a’s, b’s, karoake, straight leg, fast leg, backward extension run, butt kicks, shoulder swings.

Do lots of leg swings along with all of above ^^.

Hip/trunk rotations, rotations through all joints.
Some skipping maybe or jumpy jacks.

Some strides at increasing speed, build up to no more than 60-70% speed.

Whatever man. You basically described static stretching in post five of this thread. Go head do it. I don’t care.

Im having a hard time understanding your points.

You must need glasses then.

Naw I got really good eyes.

Could you give me your definition of a dynamic warm up and explain why static stretching is better?:slight_smile:

NO, because I don’t have time to explain the whole anatomy and physiology of a muscle to you, and how and why it works. You want to find some fake guru like Mike Boyle who couldnt pop a 10 second 40 and then listen to his fake advice, go ahead and do it. I won’t tell you fake shi% though. I won’t put my name behind that garbage. You want to see what dynamic stretches look like go look at videos on youtube or google it. Its everywhere. Some people actually do run before the umm drills or the stretching while moving bs. Stretching while your moving. Are you serious. You still end up pulling a nut. I’m done here. Bye.

Hey Doc, not tryin to be funny but…is everything ok at home?

No, my mini cat looks sad today.

Dr. Sprints ramblings put aside.

The idea of the warm up is to make sure that you are prepared for the task at hand. It also need to be progressive. For me that means doing some gentle static stretches. Your only going to be getting the decrease in power output when the static stretches are held for a period of 20 - 30 sec or even longer. I like to incorporate static with some of the dynamic, so that you keep warm.

Basically you start easy build up till your ready to sprint, and that means including everything.


With any stretches a warm up should be done before hand…this should be a jog or repeated short runs of some sort to warm the body up. Its after this is done you should do the stretches.

What works very well for me is Dynamic stretches on speed days and Static Stretches for ROM on tempo/low intensity days.

Hope this helps.

That’s what I’ve been doing :smiley:

Thats the biggest bunch of crap I have ever heard. All my PR’s without any exception were on the days when I was feeling most flexible. From now on I am only going to discuss sprint training with people who have broken 11.00 electronic. It seems the lower level athletes are the ones I am always arguing with (with the exception of Dazed). And I am not talking to any coaches that have not broken 11 seconds themselves. I guess I just eliminated over 99% of the forum.

Damn It sounds like you got your panties in a bunch doc.


Just because it has worked for you, doesnt mean itll work for others, I did not realize you were the expert on all things involving sprints. Oh I guess you consider what Charlie does in his warmups useless as in all his material he incorporates static stretches into his warmups.

Just because you disagree with someone doesnt mean you dismiss it, adults discuss things, and it seems to be a reoccuring theme with you.

Track_man I forget to mention that the tighter or less flexible the athlete the more important is to do some gentle stretches in the warmup. Remember to not go for flexibility in the warmup but to make sure youre loose so you wont hurt yourself during the workout. Then go for flexibility after the workout.