strength without gym

I am wondering what sprinting exercises i can do to build up my strength without going to gym…i cant afford the gym per month…i was thinking stuff like free squats, push-ups, chin-ups, dips, leg raises etc…is this what i should be doing…help?

Find a way to afford a gym…don’t make excuses, sometimes working just a few hours a week will give you a membership.

“If life gives you lemons, find a way to get grapes to make wine. Little kids sell lemonade and they aren’t on the cover of Fortune.”

What about obtaining a barbell and some weights? You can do quite a bit with just a bar, and I reckon you could get an old weight set for fairly cheap, or even free if the owner really wants to unload it on you. Hell, if you come pick it up from my house, you can have one of my old sets :slight_smile: . I live in Michigan, by the way.

Get Pavel’s book. Its called “The Naked Warrior” all types of sick bodyweight exercises. Many are veryyyy difficult. Look it up online.

I made a 20 pound medicine ball out of an old basketball, a bunch of rocks and some duct tape.

I agree with both blinky and munkieball. If gym is out of the question there is still a range of things you can do to improve strength. A weight set would be the best but if you cant even afford that then just be creative. Im impressed blink wish i had such an inventive mind.

I do lot of circuit training and that seems to help
to some degree.

Here’s what I do:
5 x 100 yds on grass
10 Burpees
50 yds of A-Skips
3 x 100 yds
2 x 25 Push ups
5 times stadium stairs
2 x 100 yds
75 abds
30 Dips
50 yds Lunges
3 x 100 yds
2 x 30 Leg raises
1 x 40 Bunny Hops
3 x 100 yds
2 x 50 yds High knees
5 Stadium Stairs
3 Lap cool down

Hope this helps

2-3 days per/week
After 4 weeks it’ll be time for gym work :frowning:

But this should carry you for at least a week.

Kenny Mac~~~~

am going to start doing what you do, Kenny Mac. I have just started weights, i do it twice a week. But inbetween, on my days away from the gym, i will do circuit.

its time, for the revolution.

thank you

I heard it was only a program detailing one leg squats and one-arm push-ups. What’s another exercise?

[QUOTE=MR SHUMON COOL]am going to start doing what you do, Kenny Mac. I have just started weights, i do it twice a week. But inbetween, on my days away from the gym, i will do circuit.

its time, for the revolution.

Any Time, I am changing up my program this year :smiley: This past season I ran 11.43 compared to 10.80 last year. I didn’t lift weights
at all, So for those who dont think weights are important think again, I went from 10.8 to 11.43 w/in 13 months w/ NO WEIGHTS.

I will share some of my training w/ you guys later.
I will start my training journal on here next month.

Glad I could help.

Kenny Mac~~~~~

yeah i am also training a extra day, doing sprints. The strength that i build in the gym, will be applie on the track.

I train three times, on the track, and twice in the gym.

Your training journal should be interesting.

One legged squats (many diff types) pullups and leg raise variations.

Okay cool. Thanks

one legged pistols, one armed pushups, clapper pushups, elevated feet pushups, 2 arms 1 leg pushups, dive bombers(one or two arms, one or two legs), etc

300 pound olympic set is only 150 bucks usually.

Mate get a weekend newspaper and hit the garage sales. Its amazing what you can find there.
Strength recommendations

Pilates(many strength building excercises), lunges, quickazhell had a great recommendation with that book. Also look up a book called stretching scientifically its a great book, also if you can get access to a punching bag there is so much you can do on it(1 minute 3 punch combos 30 sec as many abs as you can do. Then just keep repeating and add in tricep dips, squats etc instead of abs). Just be inventive with your workouts and get in lots of variety(you dont want the same shit every day). There are a lot of ebooks on the web that deal with this sort of thing and their free if you know where to look. :smiley:

How about strongman type training that defranco is always pushing?
Check his site.

stuff like tyre flips, farmers walk, log lift, tyre drag etc. really excellent exercises.
I cant do deadlift due to a sore lower back and i find trye flips an excellent repalcement as i flip the weight away as opposed to lowering it to the ground and destroying my back in a deadlift

DLs can still be done, just get a steel pipe, some buckets, and concrete. Presto – a bar you can drop on the ground. Just add some small plates to change weight.

Of course this is assuming you’re doing flips outside. Inside you can make blocks with boards to make the liftoff less of a strain on the back, plus you can just drop the bar on them.