Strength Training without weights

I was wondering if anyone has any exercises that one could do in the comfort of their own home to work on general strength. I plan on returning to the gym in January after a VERY long time away, but I would like to spend December building up my strength a bit before I do so. Obviously pushups and dips are two that I could do, but if anyone has any other ideas I’d love to hear them. thanks!

Wayne Fisher, aka Fish or Scrapper, has some excellent free workouts on his site. As free resources go for bodyweight conditioning work, I haven’t found a better one than Scrapper’s.


Ross Enamait has a nice, complete bodyweight training manual, aimed at boxers and other combat athletes, and once you get past the somewhat hokey “warrior” this and “warrior” that, he’s got a very good product with excellent pictures and descriptions, and good ideas on how to put it together.

Both of the above guys use bodyweight calisthenics in an anaerobic type interval way, unlike Matt Furey ( who recommends doing endless repetitions of bodyweight squats, hindu pushups, and bridges.

Thank you both…I’m definetely going to check these out!