Strength Training For Speed/Power Athletes

Any ideas how to setup for older athletes.

I have all of Charlie products and understand his philosophy on strength training for speed/power athletes. We all understand the traditional strength training setups - higher reps/lower intensity-3-1-3 max strength blocks etc.

For some time now I have eliminated all traditional max strength work from my athletes programs. I’m noticing better muscle quality, mobility, improved workouts on the track/field. Strength levels improved - I’m sure they would have been better with lower reps/higher weights. We spent more of our time in the 8-10 zone with sometime in the 6 zone but never below. Athletes in the 28-35yr old bracket are having great results.

Maybe you should give it a try.


RB, what type of total volumes for bench and squat and how close to failure are you going?

Everything is stupid simple. For example - if we are doing 10’s the sets may be 2-3 depending how the outdoor work and other variables are doing. The intensity is also open - if we are doing 10 reps they are allowed to go 2 over - if they get 12 on the last set we increase 5-10lbs next workout. The depth on the squats also ranges from high to low depending on the athletes mobility etc - we are not set on getting deep. Hope this makes sense.

RB- Are you doing any Olympic lifts or dynamic lifts with that group?

What sort of times are these guys doing, and at what ages??

Dynamic lifts: As in speed squats/speed bench - No. Dynamic lifts: As in jump squats, split jumps, jumps on the bear - Yes.

Olympic lifts: Not really, I prefer snatch/clean pulls much easier on the body esp when training combat athletes (football etc).

I’ll share one athlete test results:

Pos: WR
SLJ: 3.33m
30m/40y: 3.76/4.39 (combine style)
OH shot:17.19m

No strength training testing.

Big boys. :cool:

Solid attributes :slight_smile: How is he with weights ? Is there a direct correlation

How old? Those don’t look like numbers for an ‘older athlete’.

Long-lean athlete. Not very strong in the weight room - bench press 300 range - squat 400 range.

Why not? Never heard of Darrell Green or Joey Galloway?

27 years old.

I wouldn’t consider 27 to be older.

I was thinking 40+. 30 at least…

My friend, age doesn’t matter ESP when you are dealing with high impact sports. Looking at American football player’s ol/dl/rb these guys are getting blasted 30-90 times a game over 16 reg season games, 4 preseason games, and 4-6 weeks of training camp I won’t even mention ota’s etc. Not much time to perform a ton of high intensity work ESP for the starters and key role players. It could take 4 weeks of therapy/passive rest follow by 4 weeks of aerobic/bodybuilding work follow by 4 weeks of 1 high intensity session then gradually adding 2 high intensity sessions etc. Not much time for squatting 400-600lbs and performing heavy ol’s even with younger players - a 26yr old rb may actually have a 40yr+ old body in the NFL.

If you want to get a death sentence then injured a professional athlete in a training session esp with the weights. A lot more damage can be done with weights vs running etc - this is why Charlie was careful with the types of lifts he performed esp around the 10 day taper period.