strength to weight ratio

I was wondering how you would go about figuring out your strength to weight ratio? Is there a formal or one way to go about it?
I wasnt sure but I was trying to compare my strength from this year to last year. I have gotten stronger in the weight room but also gained 10 lbs since last yr. This is how I thought maybe you figure it out… By dividing body weight by my max. bench and getting a percentage.
For ex. body wt. 120 max bench 95 120/95=79%
ex2. body wt.130 max bench 110 110/130= 85%

I am female college 100-400 meter runner. I am wondering which is better??

(lift) divided by (bodyweight)

yes the 110 @ 130lbs is a better strength:weight ratio. as for which one is better overall…are you faster at 120 or 130?

Well, the relative strength of your bench isn’t going to do much for you as a 100-400m sprinter anyway.

lower extremity lifts?

Unless you’re walking on your hands this would be more important to gauge your overall levels of body strength.

that was just an example… my question is how do you figure out the ratio?

lift / bodyweight, as mentioned above.

ok, thanks